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Top 20 Entertainment Gossip Blogs & Websites In Nigeria

top 20 entertainment blogs in nigeria

Top 20 Entertainment Gossip Blogs & Websites In Nigeria

Entertainment is an activity created to cause laughter, pleasure and enjoyment. It could be in the form of dance, drama, singing acting, poetry, games and the likes. It is meant to stir up a host of emotions in an audience. It could be delight, satisfaction, sadness, horror, yearning thoughtfulness and lots of other emotions. It could generally also be educative.

Entertainment captivates the attention of an audience. Different forms of entertainment carter to the needs of various kinds of people. No two individuals are completely alike, people have distinct interest; this is why entertainment comes in diverse forms. Over the years, entertainment in its diverse forms has greatly progressed this has been achieved with the creation of the entertainment industry. Entertainment for an audience could come in an active form. In this case, active participation in motion and movement is required. The audience could also be passive, in this case inactive or uninvolved.

It is safe to say that entertainment has been in existence for as long as man has. With the evolution of the world overtime, certain kinds of entertainment has been deemed offensive and subsequently some have been successfully kicked out. Also new forms of entertainment have been introduced. This has helped broaden the entertainment scope. As entertainment has evolved, the tools for bringing it closer to its target audience have also evolved. With the breakthrough in technological advancement, the creation of the internet and electrical gadgets like cell phones, computers more recently smart phones, depending on preference accessing entertainment content can easily be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Several blogs are available to address the diverse entertainment needs of the general public. Blogs are websites designed to provide knowledge on different kinds of topics. This information is usually provided in the form of a written discuss.

For the purpose of entertaining a wide variety of people, various blogs have been created.

Entertainment Blogs In USA: Top Entertainment Websites Located In The United States


This is a blog founded by Alex Ohanion and Steve Huffman. It deals with social news and discussion. It also addresses topics of just about every type books, health and fitness, movies and host of other. Reddit is rated one of the most visited websites in America. The blog has its base in San Francisco California. This is site is visited by approximately five hundred and forty-two million people every month.


This site specializes in entertainment news. It was created in the year 2006 and employs well over a thousand people. It addresses the needs of millions of individuals as it has articles on numerous topics ranging from politics and business to science and technology. It was founded by Jonah Peretti and is based in New York.


This blog deals with various topics. It addresses current news, trending fashion and styles of celebrities, stories, TV shows and several others. Although famous for celebrity gossip, this blog also contains information on just about any topic. It serves a worldwide audience in over 20 languages.


This site carter to the entertainment needs of over a hundred people. It has television shows, news, movies etc. they also specialize in movie reviews and critiquing.


This blog has lots of contents on culture, business, movies, technology and politics. It has quite a number of people in it employ, overseeing the production of numerous engaging topics. It has its headquarters in Los Angeles.


This is another fun blog. It is filled with several amusing content. It is primarily a humor/comedy blog with content ranging from funny videos to rib cracking posts and articles. It has a large audience and was founded in 2005. It deals mostly with comedy delivered in a listed format


This blog by design deals with majorly movies, TV series and the likes. It also provides movie reviews and critiques.


The blog is rich in online content involving net value of celebrities as the name implies. It specializes in delivering information on the net worth of celebrities and Industries. The increase or decrease of celebrity finances is the major focus of this site. It was launched in 2008.


It focuses on celebrity news and entertainment. The blog is for an audience with a taste for positive celebrity news rather than the opposite. It shows cases of positive contributions of celebrities to society. This site is rather unique as it centers more on the positive than the negative, unlike many other celebrity news sites than often reports negative celebrity gossip. It reports on news, events and culture but all are of a positive nature.


This news blog was launched about a decade ago although; the blog has a variety of content ranging from art and culture to politics. It is located in New York City and was founded by Tina Brown.

Popular Blogs In Nigeria

Over the years a higher taste in celebrity gossip and entertainment news has been developed among the people around the world. Of course this celebrity gossip hungry crowd also includes Nigerians. In the age we find ourselves it would seem that everyone you come across is a blogger. The primary focus of most of these bloggers is celebrity entertainment and gossip. However, among them all, there are certain blogs that stand out.

One of the fast rising entertainment and lifestyle blogs in Nigeria. The blog was started by a top Nigerian celebrity critics. It is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji Blog

For obvious reasons this comes first on the list of Nigerian blogs. This blog is owned by Linda Ikeji. She is known as one of the pioneers of blogging in Nigeria. She started blogging as far back as 2006 and has obviously made a wealthy career out of it.  Hers is the best blog to seek out in Nigeria when in need of celebrity gist and entertainment; though her blog is not limited to this category alone.

Bella Naija

This is another famous Nigerian blog that covers a wide range of colorful wedding and bridal activities. This site is owned by Uche Pedro.


It was founded by Jide Ogunsanya. It is a well known educational blog in Nigeria. This blog focuses majorly on business and technical niche.


For the crowd interested in political news and views, this blog is definitely for you. It was established by Japheth Joshua Omojuwa. It was designed to feeds its audience on political issues. It delivers its content in unique ways.


This blog is definitely worth mentioning. It has a wealth of content on fashion, lifestyle food and others. Yemisi Aiyedun is the founder of this blog.


This site is owned by Demola Ogundele. The blogs keeps you up to date with current music in both audio and video formats, from around the world. This blog is a favorite of most music lovers.


Owned by Okezie Loy, this blog covers educating and engaging topics on technology and electronics.


This blog was started by Bamidele Onibalusi with the aim of helping writers realize their worth in today’s writing market. For those who would like to venture into a profitable writing career, this site is rich in legit content.


The blog keeps you updated with trending fashion and style as well as beauty tips. The site is owned by Ono Bello.


A helpful website for first time mothers and parents generally. It discusses tricks and techniques for parents with regards to handling their children. It is owned by Temilola Balogun Akinmuda.


Looking good they say is good business and Nigerians are definitely all about this business. Our love for fashion can be seen in our elegant appearance in our day to day attires or when gracing an occasion. Here are a few blogs which can help you with useful information to polish your fashion and style.


This blog contains an active fashion and style for the male and female audience.


It has a rich collection of pictures, suggestions and advice on how to dress properly to suite various occasions.


This blogger teaches about fashion based on her personal style, which is graceful and elegant.


This is yet another widely visited fashion blog. It tutors on African fashion for men and women.


With the recent interest of Nigerian ladies in nurturing and growing their natural hair, this blog sure has quite a number of viewers. It delivers helpful tips on how to maintain your natural hair, the right products you can use on your natural hair and the various places you can find them.

Lifestyle Blogs In Nigeria

For those who are confused as to what lifestyle bloggers do; lifestyle bloggers craft the content of their blogs based on their individual activities, values and interests. Here is a list of five Nigerian lifestyle blogs. This blog provides ideas on varieties of topcis this blog reaches out to those of similar minds on various everyday life issues. It offers captivating high quality content. It is tailored around what the life of a single Nigerian girl looks like. This diva hopes to share her passion for lifestyle with other like-minded folks. This lifestyle blog touches on religion and spirituality; relationship advice can also be sought. This blogger gives life tips which have proved useful again and again.

Whether it be fashion, style, business, celebrity gossip, music politics, news, sports, food, parenting, arts etc a large number of blogs can be found which carter to a wide variety of audience.


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