My Uncle Impregnates Me & Threatens To Send Me Packing If I Don’t Abort

my uncle impregnated me

Sept 18, 2012 – My Uncle Impregnates Me & Threatens To Send Me Packing If I Don’t Abort

My name is Damilola, I’m 23 years old. I lost my parents in the Christmas Day Bombing in Madalla in 2011.

Since the death of my parents, life has become a struggle for me.

I thought all hope is gone before my uncle who lives in the North came to my rescue. He told me to come and live with him.

I moved into his house in early February of this year and he promised to fund my education.

I never knew this is the beginning of my misery in life.

Few months back his wife traveled abroad to stay with their children for the summer and since then he has started behaving funny towards me.

He has been constantly demanding for sex from me as if am his wife.

On one occasion, he called me to his bedroom but I refused knowing the dare consequences of it.

I asked him how on earth could I sleep with my father’s younger brother but he didn’t pay attention to my question.

Since my refusal, he has been threatening me, he even told me he will send me back to my village if I don’t allow him to sleep with me.

After so much pressures and beating, I allowed him to have sex with me.

Few weeks ago, I started feeling so dizzy and tired. He then asked me to go for a check up and the doctor confirmed am indeed seven weeks pregnant for him.

I told my uncle about the development and he asked me to abort the pregnancy. I’m afraid I, I’ve not done such thing before and the worst of it is that his wife would return by month end. He threatened to throw me out of the house if I don’t terminate the baby.

I’m in a desperate situation, what should I do please advice me.

Email dated Sept 17 from one Dammy O.

Please let’s contribute. Your input might save this girl’s life.