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The Illuminati, New World Order & Freemasons Members Secrets Revealed

illuminati new world order

Updated January 22, 2013 – Illuminati, New World Order & Freemasons Members Secrets Revealed

The Truth about the New World Order and Freemasons Secrets………

If you have heard of Illuminati, the New World Order, chances are high that you would have also come across some of the Freemasons secrets. In the beginning, the Freemasons started out as a fraternity, nothing more than the big boys’ club. Today, however, it has grown very powerful and it’s behind the doors of many secret societies that dictate and decide many important economic and political issues in the world over.

Unarguably, Illuminati is now much more than a secret society– it’s become rather a society with too many secrets. Many famous people in the world that we are familiar with today have their roots embedded in masonry– even some of those laying claims to being anti-Masonic are not left out in the circle of Freemasons Secrets.

It is difficult to deny the involvement of many important historical, political and other such influential figures in Freemasonry with this secret society. The suspicions are just too much to be ignored. One of such huge suspicions, which only lend credence to the thought that the Freemasons Secrets mean much more than just the big boys club as it’s wrongly tagged in the past. Surely, the ultimate goal is a lot more than political, even though that is one of the strongest areas upon which their goal becomes clear. From history, it’s obvious that the Freemasons left their mark on a number of important areas. For example, the French and American Revolutions cannot be quickly forgotten.

If we look at the architecture in many of the modern day cities, then the prevalence of their symbols can’t be wished away. Let’s us not forget that it is from Freemasonry that the famous Adam Weishaupt went on to establish The Illuminati in 1776. The number of lives that have been lost to this dark art can’t be taken for granted.

For quite some time now, the Masons have been the subject of much controversy. The story of Captain Morgan is a common example. His real name was William, even though “the Captain” was not a pirate (history has it that he owned a brewery though). He founded a movement against the Freemasons in 1826 and threatened to publish a book that would reveal much of their dark secrets. Suddenly, he was found missing and soon after disappeared. He had to pay the ultimate price for being so daring to “challenge the power that is”…

Sometime later, a mutilated body believed to be his was turned up later. Then, it was Thurlow Weed’s turn to set up the first Anti-Masonic party, which ran a presidential candidate in 1828. By 1835, the party was almost going into extinction, falling to the powerful force behind Masonry.

Prominent Masonic members were at the helm of affairs of many Hell Fire Clubs. These were definitely no different from Masonic orgies, such as the Kubrick film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. Everybody with blood running in their veins would definitely want the Illuminati Members Revealed.

Freemasonry and the New World Order is divided into a well-founded structure solidly based on hierarchy in a way to conceal their dark secrets and evil magic. The first three hierarchies often called “degrees” include Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, as well as Master Mason.

All of these degrees usually require the candidate to take part in an enacted drama and diabolic rituals.

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    February 26, 2013 at 2:36 PM

    i think having this kind of evil people in the word! god should end the word, cos god will not allow the muslem and the chris to be part of dis kind devil deed of the word brougt by egiptian and france and american and by the people of pheroh. another! gboko harram who are therm? they are member be worn they are not muslmd PLS BE CARE FULL.

  2. Ahmert

    February 9, 2014 at 9:43 AM

    ASSALAMU ALAIKUM JAMA ATUL MUSLIMThis freemasons is a shirk some people they are in freemasons as how they call their names they are muslim why pls 4get this shirk if God say u be rich man or u are not in freemasons u be rich why u worry ur many people they not in freemasons they have rich. BE CAREFULL WASSALAM

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