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Edo Guber 2012: Oshiomhole Owns The Game

edo state governorship election 2012

July 9, 2012 – Edo Guber 2012: Oshiomhole Owns The Game

Prior to the coming of Governor Adams Oshiomhole in Edo State , other Nigerians used to think that Benin is cursed and that nothing good will ever come out from there. Some people believe that Edo State people are fetish because of their deep-rooted inclination to culture. While others think there is no way development will come to Edo State or Benin, the capital unless the people sever themselves from their alleged worship of idols. It took the coming of Governor  Oshiomhole to consign these heresies to the junkyard of history where they belong.

Today the capital of Edo State, Benin City is wearing a new look, a clear evidence that there is nothing wrong with the soil, water, wind or air in Edo State except the obvious and painful truth that Edo State has been very unlucky with her leaders until Governor Oshiomhole came into the saddle. Today,  Oshiomhole has broken the vicious cycle of lazy, primitive and inept leadership in Edo State, causing other Nigerians to have a rethink about their perception of the state. Today, Oshiomhole has proved beyond reasonable doubt that Edo State can join the comity of civilized states in Nigeria through committed leadership. Today, Edo State is working and Adams Oshiomhole is working.

On Saturday 14 July, 2012 Adams Oshiomhole would be seeking another four-year mandate to continue the good work in Edo State. Oshiomhole is seeking re-election in Edo State believing that his good work will speak for him. He is seeking re-election because he believes the unprecedented transformation and transmogrification he has put in place in Edo will speak for him. He is seeking a new mandate because Adams believes that his engagement with the people of Edo State in the past four years will be enough to sell his candidature again.

But the Peoples Democratic Party in Edo State is trying to put spanner in the works. First, an accident nobody knew where it came from, hit the Governor’s convoy and three pressmen were killed in what looked like a planned assassination attempt on the governor. As if that was not enough, the Principal Secretary of the Governor Mr. Olaitan Oyerinde was murdered in cold blood just to weaken and distract the high performing governor. To make matters worse, some people believed to be PDP mercenaries were found with INEC registration machines in the thick forest trying to register fake voters. Added to this is the empty boasts, flexing of muscles and intimidation from the PDP to win the July 14 2012 governorship election at all costs. But we have seen this kind of desperation before in Edo State and it led to nowhere.

The antics of the characters in PDP Edo State are well-known. In 1983 General Samuel Ogbemudia told newsmen during 1983 gubernatorial election campaigns that whether the late Professor Ambrose Alli of UPN wins or not, that the  NPN will unseat, remove him in Bendel State. It is on record that Ogbemudia and his co-travellers carried out the threat and succeeded, even though that dispensation was shortlived. Nineteen years after, these characters are still in Edo State fomenting trouble. Chief Tony Anenih, the man called “Mr. Fix it” in Nigeria is still on and kicking. Let us wait and see what they are capable of doing again this time around.

Governor Oshiomhole is no push over. He is a master and a warrior of some sort. He is capable of doing his own fight and taking the fight to any level if need be. Oshiomhole is well grounded in this kind of war and he is a professor in activism. No man born of a woman will steal his votes in Edo State and get away with it.

All eyes are on Edo State 2012 gubernatorial election come Saturday 14 July, 2012 and I hope that Professor Attahiru Jega’s INEC will live up to expectation. With the horrible experience Nigerians are now getting from the hands of the PDP, it is certain that rigging of elections would no longer be acceptable in Nigeria and this is a warning. Oshiomhole’s rivals have tried to eliminate him physically to pave way for their criminal enterprise but have always failed. They will always fail. Light has no business with darkness.

Governor Oshiomhole is the owner of the game in Edo State, and the people of Edo State, Nigeria and the world know about it already. He has nothing to show the people of Edo State but track records of committed leadership and service delivery. He is doing that and he has the people solidly behind him. He should not balk at the rage of expired godfathers and an amoral power that dreams power without responsibility.

Congratulations in advance, Governor Adams Oshiomhole

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