How to Start Export Business in Nigeria: Exporting Food, Goods From Nigeria To Other Countries (New Guide)

how to start export business nigeria

How to Start Export Business in Nigeria: Exporting Foodstuff, Goods From Nigeria To Other Countries (New Guide)

Exportation in Nigeria involves the transportation of goods from Nigeria to other countries abroad. Several people have dealt in the exportation for some time in Nigeria though, a lot of people have not been practicing this business the advanced way, thereby causing them to lose so much in spite of the modern technology exposure around.

In the United States, if you want to eat all of our local food such as Gaari, Fufu, Amala, Local Rice, Local Beans, Pounded Yam, and many others, they are all available in certain areas.

How do you think they have access to all these local food items in the US? Is it not by exportation? Some exporters have dedicated themselves in the business of exporting local food items to the US and to other countries abroad. Nevertheless, there is an advanced way of doing this so far you can leverage the internet medium.

Aside from finding local food items in the US, some exporters also export other useful things such as local fruits, vegetables, and other natural herbs like Moringa seeds and leaves. People really make a lot of money from this business just because people need these vegetables for a sound health and to reduce excessive body weights.

In this article, we shall discuss the best ways in which you can go about exporting to countries abroad from Nigeria without issues.

Here are the great ways to start export business in Nigeria:

  1. Offline Approach
  2. Online Approach

Offline Approach

While going about the offline way of exporting products or items in Nigeria to countries abroad, follow the steps below:

  • Connect with someone you know very well abroad:

This approach requires that you create a strong connection with someone you know very well abroad. Through the connections, you can go about your exportation business and start making money.

This person you’re connecting with must be someone you are familiar with, a relative or friend indeed who has a real street address and is resident in that particular country to which you’re exporting your items.

Whatever you want to export will go to this address first and will then be distributed to those who need it. This connection should encourage a kind of business relationship in which that relative or friend of yours will have to share from the profits made. This will serve as motivation for him to take the business as business.

When he sells to those who need these items, he remits back to you in due course and the profit is shared in an agreed ratio.

As time rolls by, the connection will get stronger and you’ll start making more sales within a short of time. Businesses need a lot of connections to survive and this is what you’ll get when you start the exportation business.

  • Get a real street address abroad

 There is a way of buying a real street address in the particular country to which you’re exporting your items or products. When you ship your items to this real street address, the items will be received right there and will be transported to the appropriate places where they will be sold.

On selling those items, you’ll receive due notifications through the real street address and you receive payments probably via PayPal.

There are many platforms that sell real street addresses in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries abroad. You just need to get one address and start shipping your items. Once you’ve got an active address, all your items will get delivered to whichever country your items are exported.

Online Approach

This is the most preferred way of shipping or exporting items to other countries for exportation. It’s easier and more effective than the offline approach.

While transporting goods to countries abroad, try and follow the steps below:

  • Create a personal website

You can start your exportation business simply by creating a website and host it to go live on the web. You should consider using the WordPress platform to create a blog and host it.

While creating a personal website, you need to register a domain name using the Godaddy domain registration platform. Godaddy offers the cheapest domain names with other features such as site email, site protection & privacy, site speed, site WHOIS, site SSL certificate and lots more.

You need a self-hosted website and WordPress offers you the best and highest hosting service.

On your personal website, you must create a homepage which will serve as your landing page and you’ll also need a sales page on which you’ll communicate all the products you have in store for export to your potential customers.

As you build out your brand, you get better rankings in search engines, and more traffic. You’ll be working towards getting a first-page ranking in Google and other major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and others.

  • Build your site with informative and engaging content:

You must earnestly build that site with informative and engaging content in order to increase the ranking speed in search engines. The higher your rankings, the more your traffic, and the better your site exposure to the target audience in the online world. So, the online approach is the best and most working strategy to reach out to the audience who need your products.

  • Get an international business phone number and an office address published at the header of your site:

This will help your exportation business grow faster than you would expect. Your audience will have the opportunity to speak with you right on phone and you’ll get an avenue through phone calls to send more goods to the people in countries abroad.

  • Respond to all enquiries on time through your website

If you really want to make the most out of your exportation business, then you should consider responding to all the enquiries posted to your website on the various products published for export. By consistently doing this, you’ll successfully build your site and will make more sales.

  • Activate a live chat plugin on your site

Do you want to ensure that you don’t miss out on any sale, then consider activating the live chat plugin on your site and watch the site grow in terms of generating sales over and over again.