Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan Health Update

patience jonathan cosmetic surgery

Sept 7, 2012 – Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan Health Update

To all of you concerned Nigerians looking for Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan health update.

She is doing well.

Contrary to reports that she suffered food poison, we can now confirm that the first lady indeed went for tummy tuck, a full body work cosmetic weight loss procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdominal section of the body.

According to sources close to her, Bola Shagaya, her socialite friend forced her into the cosmetic surgery procedure in a bid to look beautiful to her husband, President Goodluck Jonathan.

She is presently recovering at a German hospital.

Former first lady Stella Obasanjo passed away due to complications from the same procedure few years back in Madrid, Spain.

Our sources in Germany claim her condition is improving as the surgery has taken a toll on her body.

We wish her speedy recovery.

Stay in touch with for update on her condition.

10 thoughts on “Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan Health Update

  1. I don't know why pple 4get so soon. was it not the same surgery that Stella went for and never came back. I pray she doesn not loose her life because Jonathan will marry. stupidity on rampage! nonesense mchae………………………

  2. I will risk dying for God and to save a soul, but for beauty? Not me, God made me beautiful enough, the rest will have to work with exercise if not too bad. I wish her health and strength in Jesus name.

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