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Be Different, Live Positively

Feb 15, 2012 – The above topic is what I have been saying to as many people as I can reach out to. Have you not noticed how everything we read about is negative? All we see in the news is economic crash, war, hunger, murder, bomb blasts, removal of subsidy and it’s outcome, police brutality, corruption, terrorism, hurricanes, flood, fire outbreaks, incurable diseases, unexplained epidemics, a major drop in academics, increase in jobless youths, armed robbery. Should I go on?

I am sure your list is even longer than mine, and I am also sure that sometimes you get tired of turning the television on because you know that all you will see are things that will depress you and make you worry, or even put fear in you.

I know that I am actually tired so I find myself intentionally looking for positive things that will put a smile on my face, brighten up my day, give me hope for a better tomorrow, lift my spirit, help me love more and live better.

I must admit that in the midst of all the chaos, it is extremely difficult to remain positive and hopeful. Where we do we turn to, our churches? Well even some religious leaders are afraid. Where do we run to, America?

Hmmmmm you better read the news and find out all the issues they are facing there too. Who do we cry to, the government? Ha ha ha ha… that’s so funny. We have tried that, have we not?

Most of us are in a state of despair and are taking life each day as it comes. People have lost hope, faith, joy, peace, love, unity, mental freedom and financial freedom.

I listened carefully to the stories my mother used to tell me about how life was in her days and I found myself almost saying I wish I was born then.

I had a conversation with my mum late last year and we were talking about things that were happening around the world, the things that young children get up to these days, the obscenity that the media celebrates and so on.

She looked at me and said, “people should stop saying the end is near, they should know that it’s already here”. I remembered that statement recently after all the issues with the fuel subsidy, nation-wide strike, bombings, my colleagues in the entertainment world dropping dead so frequently, and realised that truly we need to pay attention to that which we have all been distracted from. That is God. I am not a preacher, I am not one of the righteous neither am I an evangelist. I am just a lady who has discovered the answers to who do I turn to? Where do I run to? Think about it please, who else can save us now?

As soon as I realised this, I found out that he will not come down Himself to make things better, he would send people who are already in existence (I hope).

Then I knew I had to make a decision: it was either I remain in a state of fear and despair so I too can be saved by those people who God will use, or I become one of those people who will be chosen to take up the leadership wherever I am to go and help people.

I am sure you know which option I chose. I have always preached the gospel of being a part of the solution and not the problem. So imagine if all of us reading this article decide to be part of the chosen ones to help others and our country instead of lamenting, fighting and talking inside their rooms through their iPads and phones, what a strong positive force we will be.

If everyone can look around himself and his environment and think of something he can do to help, even if it’s two kids, training, mentoring, giving food, volunteer work, whatever it is that will put a smile on someone’s face; that would mean a lot more than the non-effective talk a lot of people have embraced.

I am tired of reading all sorts of irrelevant ‘actionless’ talk on my mail from people who abuse others from their own privacy just to invade mine with negativity.

I wish my emails will be filled with ideas from people on how to move our country forward, how the education system can be better, how transportation can be made easy and cheap, how we can grow our own food, how we can generate electricity and so on.

All they do is fill my head with information I have seen a million and one times, listing out names of those who have stolen money and how many houses they have.

Truth is we all know these things and we are tired of recounting, so instead of wasting all this anger and dwelling on the problem, why don’t we use that venom and energy to find solutions that can help us.

All the big grammar and research they use to compose all the e-mails that just insult people, can actually be used to draft a world class document that can be presented to the State Houses of Assembly, National Assembly or the Presidency.

Whether it is accepted or not is not the issue, but at least let the attempt be made so we know that we have true leaders among us who can help push this country forward.

Remember, be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Don’t dwell on the problem, find a solution and move on.

Quote for the day: The problem with life is that by the time you know it, you are too far gone for the lessons to be useful to you and so one generation makes the same mistakes of the last and the cycle of pain goes on.

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