I’m Married But Sex Now Irritates Me. What’s The Way Forward

August 22, 2012 – I’m Married But Sex Now Irritates Me. What’s The Way Forward

This woman needs your input.

She is a 32 years old woman who is happily married for five years.

She is finding sex very irritating at this stage in her life.

Read her email dated August 22 below.

“I am 32yrs old and I have been married for 5years with 3kids. My last is 15months old. After my last child I don’t enjoy sex anymore. I just pray my husband hurries up and get it over with. 99% of the time I fake orgasm. My husband happens to be the 2nd guy I’ve ever slept with all my life. I tried discussing this with my husband but pretended as if it happened to a friend and the 1st thing that came out of his mouth was “that marriage is dead. So her husband is sleeping with a wood” So i kept my mouth shut and didn’t disclose that I was the one. I have tried all the things I have read especially online to see if I can build my libido but nothing is working. I will like to know if there are other women out there who are going through or have gone through same thing and what they did. Please help!”

Your contributions will be highly appreciated for this woman.

17 thoughts on “I’m Married But Sex Now Irritates Me. What’s The Way Forward

  1. The only solution is for she to go on her knees & talk to God in prayers,bible said cast ur burden upon him.

  2. There are some herbs dat increases libido.it has hapened to a frnd of mine and was treatd by local herb.try yemkem

  3. Does he do things that show you that he doesn’t love or respect you? If he doesn’t love or respect you, your desire for sex may dwindle. Anyway, everything is possible with God and with him or her that believes (Matthew 19:26; Mark 9:23; 10:27; Luke 1:45; 18:27). While I agree that you should pray about it, also ensure that you don’t worry at all (Philippians 4:6). I await your testimony my friend.

  4. I don’t want to sound religious; i think she needs a sex therapist or better still a psychologist, she may hav a troubled mind without knowing what d problem is, she can also speak wit a counsellor.

  5. The Lady needs to see Specialists and explain her Situations to them. Every Problem Shared, problem Solved. Dont be shy and voice out.

  6. I will suggest that our sister seek expert on this issue. In addition she could buy ‘TREVO’ the latest supportive nuitritional in the market. I had reccomended it to friends and they having wonderful testimonies. Above all prayer is also needed.

  7. Madam ur case is veri complicated bt my advice 4 u is dat u shld watch pop movies 2 build up ur sex urge.

  8. there is a fondermental issue here. the guy must have done something to her that realy hurt her. she should try and talk it over with him and find a place in her heart to forgive and forget. its only prostitutes that fake sex. its indeed emotional

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