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How To Overcome Emotional Eating Disorder

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August 8, 2012 – How To Overcome Emotional Eating Disorder

Emotional eating and binge eating are two compulsive disorders related to stress.

According to reports, thousands of people especially women struggle with emotional eating daily.

Emotional eating is the most popular way people respond to stress nowadays.

If you are an emotional eater, don’t give up there is hope for you.

You’ve got to keep in mind if emotional eating is not dealt with, it can lead to serious weight gain which in turn might cause depression.

If you feel you  are a miserable wretch because food seems to have so much importance in your life, don’t feel too badly. There is still hope for you.

Below are some quick step to overcoming emotional eating

Overcoming Emotional Eating Disorder

1) Create diversion: If a craving calls, call a friend. Chat for about fifteen minutes, the time it takes for the hankering to become history.

Other distractions that work fine: a sport, an entertaining novel or TV programme you really enjoy. When the craving strikes, pick your skipping rope, jog on the spot  or take a walk  for 15 minute.

2) Seek Support: Studies reveals that dieters who feel supported by family and friends lose the most weight and keep it off. Join a weight watchers group, a sport club or create one. Recruit a friend.

Try on-line support groups. Another aspect of involving others in your diet plan can be broadcasting to several key friends that you are going to lose X amount of kilograms by X date. It will motivate you to shoot for that goal and hit it. Embarrassment is a great motivator.

3) Speed Up: One of my biggest weapon against overeating is staying busy. It’s when I’m bored and lazy that I think constantly about eating to entertain myself. I just can’t allow myself time to sit and snack.

When I’m mentally focused on a task, I became completely unaware of my growing stomach and can actually go without eating for hours at a time. Not allowing my mind to dwell on my craving is key.

Clean the sitting room. Go shopping. Run errands.  Staying active and busy is absolutely  my best way to curb  unnecessary eat ing.

4) Slow Down: Let time be your biggest asset. By eating at a leisurely place, you give your body the twenty minutes it needs to recognise  that it has been fed. Enjoy each bite. Put your spoon down frequently and talk.

Sit and sip your tea or coffee slowly. In the long run , you’ll eat less.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tope

    November 14, 2012 at 11:32 PM

    I really appreciate your advice on how to overcome emotional eating disordI’ve been struggling with it for almost 3years now and I’ve added 30kg in just 2 years,i hope it will work for me. Thanks

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