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How To Start Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business In Lagos Nigeria

how to start laundry dry cleaning business nigeria

How To Start Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business In Lagos Nigeria

Dry-cleaning business involves some entrepreneurial services such as helping other people wash their clothes through the traditional approach or using the modern washing machines.

When clothes are brought to a dry cleaner for washing and cleaning, price negotiation is made between the dry-cleaner and the owners of the clothes. Once an agreement is reached, the service begins, and the owners come to pick up their clothes when the agreed time is reached.

Pros & Advantages of Running a Dry-Cleaning Business In Nigeria

  1. Dry-cleaning service is simple and cost-effective to run
  1. It does not require heavy capital nor demands for high running costs
  1. A dry-cleaning business may be commenced from home first and may later be extended to a large scale.
  1. It’s such a highly-profitable business as most people get so busy with work and wouldn’t have enough time to do the washing and cleaning of their clothes themselves. Bankers, for instance, work till about 8:00 pm in the office daily and wouldn’t be able to still find enough time after leaving the office to start washing clothes on arriving home. They often give their clothes to dry cleaners to wash for them and they pay for the service.
  1. For the fact that the business is owned by you, you will surely have the freedom to operate the way it impresses you, and no one from nowhere will ever come around to instruct you on what to do in your own business.
  1. The dry-cleaning service is cherished by so many customers out there as it relieves them of the additional stress it takes to stay clean and healthy.
  1. The service makes it possible for the career men and women to maintain the quality of their dresses despite their busy schedules at work.

What You Basically Need to Know about the Dry-Cleaning Business

  1. There are certain stains that may refuse to be removed no matter how strong the detergent used for the washing may be.
  2. Prices are fixed based on the weight of the work to be done.
  3. Clothes maintained using the dry-cleaning services usually last longer than those washed with the traditional washing approach.
  4. Clothes may get damaged sometimes in the course of dry-cleaning due to how long the clothes have been in use.

Money Making Opportunities in the Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

  1. Ironing the clothes: Dry cleaners get some business opportunities aside from the normal washing that they do which includes ironing the clothes. Some people do have the modern washing machines at hope and would just bring the washed clothes to a dry cleaner for the ironing. Some dry cleaners may charge up to N200 per cloth ironed which will amount to NN4000 on 20 ironed clothes in a day.
  2. Dry-cleaning/Washing: As a lot of people will keep finding it so difficult to create time for washing at home, the dry-cleaning business will remain more and more promising in Nigeria. More people will need the services of the dry cleaners across the world and this will make the business to become more profitable than ever.

Common Challenges Encountered By Dry Cleaners in Nigeria

  1. Clothes get burnt mistakenly in the course of ironing them due to high voltage
  2. Deficiencies on the part of the staff
  3. Limited access to sufficient water as it is required for the service
  4. Insufficient sunlight particularly in rainy seasons
  5. Sudden breakdown of the tools and equipment
  6. Misplacement of some clothes on the part of the dry cleaners
  7. Irregular power supply
  8. Inability to meet up with the agreed delivery times
  9. Creating a good brand in the sight of the potential customers.

How To Start A Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

  1. Check your financial capability
  2. Prepare an adequate plan for the business
  3. Secure a promising location for the business
  4. Get the operating permit and the certificate of incorporation from the Corporate Affairs Commission
  5. Purchase the required dry cleaning resources, tools, and equipment
  6. Advertise your dry cleaning business

Check your Financial Capability

Before buying tools, resources, and equipment at all, the purse must be considered first in as much as there are still other things to be put in place for the setting up of the business. So, it is normal to start the dry cleaning business at your exact level lest you run bankrupt.

Even if it requires that the business should be started first at home, there is no cause for alarm. As time rolls by, the business will surely spring up and become a commercialized one.

Prepare Business Plan for Drying Cleaning Business In Nigeria

As every other business would always require an adequate plan, the dry cleaning business will also need to be planned for very well to ensure smooth running right from the onset.

The business plan will cover activities such as:

  • Planning the capital appropriately
  • Determining the number of staff to begin and operate with
  • Determining and fixing the salary of workers
  • Stating the vision statement
  • Presenting the mission statement
  • Deciding on the best and most favorable location for the business, and many more.

Secure a Promising Location for the Business

The business location also plays a vital role in the overall development. It tells if growth will be rapid or not in the course of running the business.

A dry cleaning business has to be located in a marketable area, not in a remote area where nobody will be around to patronize.

Get the Operating Permit & the Certificate of Incorporation

The operating permit to function legally in the dry cleaning business can be sought through the trade union in charge of dry cleaners.

The certificate of incorporation is vested with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The commission has its branch offices nationwide through which anyone can walk in and apply to register as a company. All the necessary documentation to be submitted along with registration will be explained there and the amount to be paid to the commission will be spelt out clearly in the process.

Purchase the Dry Cleaning Resources, Tools, & Equipment

Just as in any other entrepreneurial business in Nigeria, the dry cleaning business too requires some resources, tools, and equipment as specified below:

  • Buckets
  • Cloth hangers
  • Water tanks
  • A steam iron with an ironing smooth and straight table
  • A generating plant
  • Carts
  • 2-4 workers
  • Wrapping nylons
  • Wooden shelves
  • Preferred laundry detergents
  • A big washing basin
  • Washing machine(s)

How To Advertise Your Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

The way to make the most out of the dry cleaning business is to take actions by promoting the business. And the promotion can be done both offline and online.

The offline promotion involves printing of flyers, banners and posters, while the online promotion involves the launching of a personal blog and building it out with quality and helpful content.

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