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How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose Fast In 30 Days Without Pressuring Him

how to get him propose fast 30 days without pressure

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose Fast In 30 Days Without Pressuring Him

The ultimate goal in nine out of ten relationships is to get him to pop the big question right? Well, unless of course you are out for a fling then that will be quite necessary and not necessary.  But usually, the ultimate goal of every couple is to date- get to know each other, share memorable moments and then tie the knots.

While this is ideal and all, there is no guarantee that he is going to pop the question any time soon. This is usually frustrating on the part of the lady obviously because soon the biological clock will start ticking.

 How To Get Him To Propose Fast Without Pressuring Him When You Live Together Or In A Long Distance Relationship

Here is my candid advice on the issue though: as a lady, you must never rush a guy into marriage just because society thinks you are getting old. Marriage is a life long commitment as such, you should really take your time before getting in unless of course you are up for a divorce.

signs your boyfriend is about to propose

Nevertheless, I believe marriage is beautiful and something every lady should experience as long as she has found a suitable man. Now you are in a relationship, for over three years or even more you are both mature and he is comfortable and looks ready enough to settle down yet he has not made the move.

Naturally, you are worried and probably wondering if he actually loves you. Now here is the truth, just because he has not popped the question does not mean he does not love you. He too is taking his time before taking the plunge.

The heat is on you but you must never let it show because the moment you start showing your impatience and irritation, you will come off as a desperate woman who is trying to  latch on a man.

So in the period you are waiting for him to propose, you also want to do a bit of ‘work’ on him to hasten things up. The following tips should help you speed things up without coming off as desperate and cheap:

Subtly Initiate the Conversation: Yes that is right. Subtly bring up the issue without having to say “I want to know when we are getting married” or “do not you think we should be getting married”.

The guy will probably be scared out of his mind and this can backfire. However, you have to let him know that despite loving him, you are not just going to sit and wait forever for him to propose. So to do this, you both can attend weddings together( in the same uniform possibly), you could talk about marriage off handedly without having to sound rehearsed. These subtle hints are sure to tug at his heart’s strings.

Do not Be Too Hard on Him: If you do, it will boomerang. You have to do this with a lot of tact. The moment you become too persistent, you are sending red light signals to him. You must understand that guys are not ready to give up their ‘freedom’ so easily all in the name of marriage. So just give him little nudges here and there.

Make Some Independent Financial Decisions: Every man loves a woman who can hold her own in terms of money. Men (I mean responsible ones) always want to be able to provide for their women- it makes them feel manly and all but, they also love a woman who makes her own money too.

You need to begin making some financial decisions of your own. Work hard for your own money and show him that you are capable of being independent. Such quality endears you to your man and will even make him consider matrimony because he knows you will not be a liability to him.

how to get him to propose in 6 months

Introduce Him to Family: Such puts him on edge and makes him realise how serious you are taking the relationship. Such seriousness may in turn rub off on him and will also make him introduce you to his.

Make Him Feel Insecure Every Now and Then: Yes, that is right. When a guy knows you love him too much, he can cause him to misbehave and even take your love for granted.

Hence, every once in a while, show him that there are several other options for you to choose from. When he knows that although you love him, there are other eligible young men who also want you and that you will not settle for less, he will definitely think twice.

Your Life Should Not Revolve Around Him: This will be the biggest error on your part. Every now and then, make out time to hang out with your friends and colleagues without him in the picture.

Do things on your own and spend some time away from him. Show him that without him you are capable of still living a happy fun filled life.

When you do all these and more, he knows you are not one to be taken for a ride and would hasten things up.

So while you wait for him to go down on one knee, here is what to do:

Act Natural: Do not give any hint that you are getting anxious or worried. Just go about your daily routine and act like the most natural thing in the world.

Do not Be an Option: Do not make it look like he is choosing either you or his freedom by getting married. Instead, make it appear as if being with you will be the greatest freedom of all. Never ever present yourself as an option.

how to get him to propose without pressuring him

Stay Calm: Do not lose your cool over this issue. There are chances that he is already planning a surprise proposal (who knows) and you are the only one kept in the dark. So do not fret, things will work out just fine.

Be Honest With Him: Make him realise that although you love him, you actually want more out of the relationship. Explain it as honestly as you possibly can and do not compare him to other guys already proposing to their girlfriends. It will rub him the wrong way.

Want to know if your efforts yielded some results, below are signs that he may just be about to pop the question:

Commitment: His whole mind is in it. He cares about your feelings and well being and you are included in  every plan he makes. He wants to see the relationship work so there is no room or avenue for misbehaviour or distraction.

how to get him to propose when you live together

He is Making Future Plans: You get included in his long term plans such as choosing the right apartment, new car, change of jobs etc. He is eager for you to meet his parents. He talks of children and building a home for you, just anticipate!

Genuine Love: You know this guy is truly in love with you without any iota of doubt. You both have been through a lot and he is still here with you. We all know that when a man is truly in love with you, he desires nothing more than to have you for the rest of his life.

Readiness: It is one thing for a man to want to marry but it is another for him to be ready to marry. You need to also be considerate and sensible. Do not push your man who is still struggling and trying to make ends meet into marrying you, please consider your children in advance.

how to make him propose in a long distance relationship

But when you see that he is already-career check, apartment check, and several other checks, then you may soon be on your way to being a wife.

Watch out for these signs. If he genuinely loves you, he will surely put a ring on it.

how to get him to propose in 30 days

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