Dame Patience Jonathan Biography, Profile & Life History

patience jonathan biography

Updated Oct, 2012 – Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan Biography, Profile & Life History

Patience Jonathan biography record shows that the first lady of Nigeria was born in Port-Harcourt, River states- Southern part of Nigeria October 25, 1957. She is not only the First Lady of Nigeria; she is also a permanent secretary in her native town of Bayelsa state, where her husband- president Goodluck Jonathan was the governor before he became the Vice president.

Patience Goodluck Jonathan was born as Patience Faka ; she obtained her primary education certificate in 1976 and his Secondary level education certificate in 1980. Mrs Jonathan proceeded to River State College of arts and science to obtain an NCE certificate in Mathematics and Biology in 1989.
Patience Jonathan’s career.

Dame patience Jonathan started her career as a teacher in Port-Harcourt , in the early 1990s, she moved into the banking sector in 1997 and she was the first person to establish a community bank in Port Harcourt – Akpo community bank , this was after she served as a marketing manager in the defunct Imiete community bank. Few years after starting the Akpo community bank, Patience Jonathan was reported to have returned back to the classroom briefly as a teacher.

After a brief career as a teacher, Patience Goodluck Jonathan got a job with Bayelsa state Ministry of education; she worked for the agency up will May, 2009 when her husband became the deputy governor of the state.
Patience Jonathan is locally, nationally and internationally recognized as a Philanthropist, her role in the fight against HV/AIDS in Africa for instance was rewarded with “Beyond the tears” International Humanitarian Award in New York. Other International awards she has received include; The Goodwill Ambassador and “wind of change” award from South-South women group.

Dame Patience Jonathan Controversies

Just like her husband- Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Dame Patience Jonathan is always in the news for the good and bad reasons, one of such are her grammatical expressions which are always filled with blunders. Patience Jonathan bad English expressions often attract criticism from the media and the public as many do not expect such grammatical blunders from a highly respected woman of her status. In 2006, Dame Jonathan was reportedly questioned for money laundering charges at the Lagos International airport, an accusation she rebuffed.

Another speculation that has been generating many controversies in the media is that it is widely believed that Goodluck Jonathan Children were adopted. Several media outlets have reported recently that Mrs Jonathan never had children for the president, even though these allegations have not been rebuffed by the woman in the middle of the controversies.

Patience Jonathan Health update

In September 2012, Patience Jonathan Condition was believed to have depreciated under an undisclosed ailment, though the president’s media men tried as much as possible to conceal the issue and it was later reported that she was suffering from complications associated with Parkinson disease.

In another Patience Jonathan health update, she was reported to have suffered from ruptured appendicitis.

Patience Jonathan sickness has since been treated effectively and has been discharged from the German hospital where she has spent several weeks.

She arrived Nigeria on October 17, 2012 after over 8 weeks of treatment in Germany.

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  1. Dis lyf pple must talk abt u werda gud or bad, her excellency ma, God is ur strength nd i shall kip singing hymns of praise to God to help u in all ur endeavours

  2. Our first lady, my prayer is that God sustains you. Please come over to Amavo Ancient Kingdom in Osisioma Ngwa LGA, Abia State and help us. We ‘ve been struggling to get electricity since 1992 without success.

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  4. Criticism is always in the society, the problem is who, how, where and when to criticise. A good number of us know that a speech of such an icon like Her Excellency Patience Dame GEJ is written by her secretary. So if anyone is to be criticised, I perfectly and strongly push the blame to her secretary who suppose to do her/his duty very well to avoid embarassment. Many may expect the First Lady to still go through the script before ordering her secretary to print but time may not always be on her side to do all that.
    I strongly advise our dear precious mother to please check her secretary in order to avert this public disgrace that is causing her to look as if she is not educated. Moreso, I want to encourage Her Excellency that real iron is tested with hot fire, so people will say a lot of things about you but focus and determination should be your watch word. May Almighty God in His Mercy continue to guide and protect you and your entire family may He bless you with His wisdom to support your dear and lovely husband to discharge the duties of our great nation Nigeria to more greater heights. Long live Her Excellency, Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  5. Mommie Patience, I need a scholarship from you…God will continue to bless Nigeria and people like us, I dont want you and Daddy Goodluck to go out of the presidency, I am praying for you everyday, God bless Nigeria, you and people like us with you,Amen.

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  12. Her excellency Ma, u are blessed, no matter what ple say. The point is that u are First lady whether man or devil likes it or not. whether u can speak grammar or not. Life is by grace not by works and qualification. God placing u there is base on favor & grace not by personal qualification. So this very God shall keep & sustain u with good health & wisdom to successfully complete ur tenure in Jesus name. Bravo ma.

  13. I just want to pray for Mr president wife that what ever her heart desire god will surely answer her soon Amen.

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