Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment, Application Program

Nov 8, 2012 – Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment, Application Program

Undoubtedly, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is one of the many Nigerian agencies which offer employment annually to a large number of Nigerian citizens. The “Nigeria immigration”, as the agency is more popularly and informally called has gainfully employed Nigerians in their thousands since the extraction of the agency from the Nigeria Police Force in 1958. Until that time, the agency existed as a fraction of the Nigeria Police Force and was known as the immigration department. Even though, the main scope of this article is the annual recruitment program of the NIS, a brief history of the agency will be looked at before this is discussed.

When it began its existence as an independent agency in 1958, the scope of the former department of immigration (of the Nigeria Police Force) was limited to a very few operations and only the Visa and Business Sections were set up. However, the Nigeria Immigration Service did not get formally established under the law until August 1 1963 when an Act of Parliament (Cap 171, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria) establishing the agency was declared. After this date, the agency underwent many series of restructuring processes and the scope of the agency’s operations was widened as regional and sub-regional political duties, control of aliens and management of border patrol were added to the agency’s responsibilities. Furthermore, the agency was responsible for issuing all Nigerian travel documents.

At inception, the first set of NIS staff was made up of former officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force. Later the agency became recognized as a Civil Service Outfit operating under the absolute control and supervision of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs – and so it has remained till date.

The Nigeria Immigration Service later adopted the use of ICT in its operations. This facilitated the possibility of many operations such as online receipt payment of for the agency’s facilities and the receipt of application forms from interested applicants (during the recruitment process) through the NIS official website –

During the Nigeria immigration service recruitment program, advertisements are made on all major mass media in Nigeria by means of which the agency calls for applications from interested applicants into its various cadres. The cadres include Superintendent, Inspectorate and Assistant cadres. Applicants for the Superintendent cadre must possess at least a first degree from a recognized university in the country while those applying for the Inspectorate and Assistant cadres (under which there are a number of ranks) must possess qualification ranging from O’level SSCE to HND bagged from a recognized polytechnic in the country. Also, the agency employs artisans and technicians such as electricians, welders, auto-mechanics, painters, carpenters and masons.

The Nigeria Immigration service recruitment form is usually made available for download on the agency’s official website. Applicants are meant to fill the forms and sent along with some other documents by post or in person to the agency’s headquarters in Abuja.

Usually, the application forms for the NIS recruitment program are made available sometimes within the second quarter of the year (between April and June). So by implication, application forms the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment for 2012 will be made available anytime from April 2012 (just a hope).

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