Is Dame Patience The Mother Of President Jonathan’s Children?

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August 8, 2012 – Is Dame Patience The Mother Of President Jonathan’s Children?

Question: Please tell me is Dame Patience the mother of President Jonathan‘s children?

Answer: This is one of a kind question.

According to sources close to Mr President, First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan is not the mother of President Goodluck Jonathan’s children.

Dame Patience has never given birth however she has been of great help to him and has contributed to his presidential success.

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20 thoughts on “Is Dame Patience The Mother Of President Jonathan’s Children?

  1. for taking good care of children that aren't your, may Allah answer your prayers and give you yours. @ 99, sarah still had a child. Tha God of yesterday is still the God of today. I love u dearly.

  2. God has called her Excellency for a purpose. Whatever she has not gotten & those she got are all instrumental to God’s purpose to her life. If I were her I will always focus my mind on only d good values of my life, ignoring d contrary part of it to the glory of God. Such will help her to enjoy uninterupted old age whenever she climps to it. That is quite sure for her if she believes it.

  3. Nigerians with NEWS! How can someone just wake up & say she is not the mother of the Children, we need to proof this beyond reasonable doubt. Can some google and come one with the real ID of the true mother of those children.

  4. As long as God liveth there is nothing impossible for Him to do provided she believe that God can do it for He has done it severally for peoeple in the past and even now. So it is my prayer that God will surely make her to laugh at last and also having seeds for her loving husband i.e. our president for i know for sure they are not too old for God’s Miracle in the areas of fruitfulness. Remember Psalm92:10-12.

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