Illuminati Killed Celebrities: Why Illuminati Kill Famous People Who Revealed Their Secrets

celebrities killed by illuminati

Updated January 23, 2013 – Illuminati Killed Celebrities: Why Illuminati Kill Famous People Who Revealed Their Secrets

The Illuminati indirectly are behind the scenes of many major world events. They are in charge of almost everything you know and will continue to dominate the world through their members. They have an elite class, “the Global Elite”, which comprise 12 members. They manipulate all aspects of life to suit their selfish and evil desires—from controlling music to politics, the list is endless and their impact can be felt in any sphere of life.

You may ask: Why do Illuminati kill celebrities? There are many instances of famous people killed by the Illuminati. Research has shown that the victims are sometimes defectors who want to expose the dark rites and secrets of the society, except in other cases where we have cases of who they killed for their rituals or blood sacrifices.

It is no news that Founders of the United States such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were among members of this secret and powerful society. Incidentally, they occupy the list of famous people killed by the Illuminati. The US is seen as a nation in charge of the affairs of other nations. It plays a Big Brother role in world politics. However, it is not untrue that the nation is playing out the scripts of the Illuminati in their quest for A New World Order. The control of the whole world under one central government is crucial to them.

Illuminati consist of extremely rich and powerful people in the society. This is one of the major reasons why they are able to control governments and the world economies. They are so influential that they can cause extreme recessions anywhere in the world or ruin the economy. Yes, they can reward any country that bows to them and promote satanic ideologies.

Another strange fact about the Illuminati has to do with the number of famous people killed by the Illuminati. Illuminati celebrity death dates are usually portend evil omen! People get killed mostly for two reasons— either the victims have chosen to expose the Illuminati secrets or because loyal members kill for blood sacrifices. Some of you doubting Thomas’s may still attribute the cause of their death to mere coincidence. But this is far from the truth!

The truth is that celebrity deaths caused by Illuminati is alarming and quite often the death dates are strange indeed. The dates usually have something to do with strange figures like 666, or odd numbers like 9, 11, 21 etc. The bottom line is celebrity deaths caused by Illuminati have gone up in recent times.
The list of celebrities killed by Illuminati includes names of people killed because they threatened to expose Illuminati evil ways. It may also be that members use innocent people as blood sacrifices. Their dream of having the world under their control is almost coming to see the light of the day. We wish we could bring this secret society to justice ourselves since the government seems helpless in handling the situation. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing we can do about the people killed by the Illuminati!

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