Peter Okoye Spotted Eating Groundnuts

peter okoye psquare eating groundnuts

July 26, 2012 – Peter Okoye Spotted Eating Groundnuts

Peter Okoye of P-Square who has been the subject of non-stop media attention lately was spotted eating groundnuts.

peter okoye eating groundnuts

Peter Okoye eating groundnuts

12 thoughts on “Peter Okoye Spotted Eating Groundnuts

  1. Is anytin wrung wif eating groundnuts..?…….its meant 4 every class of hummans……d media is actually causing alot of problems in dis country

  2. Abi o my broda! There’s notin wrg in eatin of groundnut nah! What’s d problem wit dis our people eh? Every tim dey’ll jst find 1 thing & mak it a “TOPIC” in dis 9ja nawah o.

  3. Eating of groundnut has become a news later on you will interpret it has ritualism,pressmen!

  4. Nawah for naija. What is their business in this. Groundnuts is meant for everybody whether rich or poor and is gud 4 d health.

  5. Nawaooooo for our 9ja media ooo. Its not a big deal to eat groundnut naaaaa.I tire oooooooooooo. Peter (Psquare) enjoy jareeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Soo, for eating grandnuts now its a sin, wat is d problem for it……dis Nigeria media dey getting much problem, so later now u will now accuse dem dat they useing dat grandnut as money ritual………God save us from dis corruption country oooooooooo

  7. If say na me dey chop shawama or even d groundnut,dey no go talk.dey live me wey get headline for them go pick peter wey no ask for their concern.rubbish…..

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