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Cost Of Creating A Blog In Nigeria: How Much Does It Cost To Own A Blogging Website In Nigeria (2018-2019)

cost of creating a blog in nigeria

Cost Of Creating A Blog In Nigeria: How Much Does It Cost To Own A Blogging Website In Nigeria (2018-2019)

Are you planning to create a blog in Nigeria? Want to find out about how much it will cost you to create a blog and own it permanently, right? Sit back and read through this article down the page to learn more.

As you know, it’s not free to own a blog in Nigeria, but there are ways to own a blog in which you’ll possibly save a lot of money.

Owning a blog is, basically, in three ways;

  • Getting the domain name free and paying for hosting
  • Purchasing a domain name and getting it hosted at a cost
  • Buying a domain name and getting it hosted free.

Getting the Domain Name Free and Paying for Hosting In Nigeria

There are domain registrars out there that offer domain name registration services free or, probably, at the rate of $0.99 per year while you’ll conditionally have to pay for a two-year hosting package together once before you can enjoy this service.

Several domain registrars offer similar services but prices vary. You can get a free domain name that comes with a $4/month hosting package on some platforms while it may cost higher or lower than this elsewhere. It’s sure that you can never ever get a hosting package at a price less than $2.99/month if domain name registration service is offered free.

Purchasing a Domain Name and Getting it Hosted at a Cost In Nigeria

While domain registration service is offered free by some platforms, there are other platforms too that sell domain names and also sell hosting packages, though, at cheaper rates in such cases.

The prices of domain names usually range from $9.99 to $13.99 each. In such cases, hosting packages may be offered at $0.99 per year, a bit more or less.

Buying a Domain Name and getting it Hosted Free In Nigeria

This is the case in which you have to pay for the domain name but get a free hosting package along. You can get a custom domain name with extensions at the highest possible price in the industry.

This particular service is most common with some affiliate marketing communities in which an integrated hosting platform is instituted for the benefit of members. However, where this is offered, members will have to pay monthly subscriptions ranging from $47 to $49 each.

Though members have access to online marketing tools and resources to enjoy such services and receive training on how they can set up entrepreneurial businesses online at the comfort of their homes, launching a blog and getting it hosted live on the web cost more this way than others.

Other Benefits to Derive from Building a Blog through an Online Marketing Community

We have hundreds of online marketing platforms with a solid hosting platform installed; some having free and premium memberships, and others having premium membership only.

In communities that offer both free and premium memberships, the following additional benefits go to free members:

  • Free domain name registration and free hosting packages
  • Access to some online entrepreneur certification courses
  • Certain online marketing tools and resources unlocked
  • Images and videos attached to all training courses and tutorials
  • Access to 24/7 live chat with other members in the community (Though there may be restrictions)
  • Free blog to get search engine rankings and unlimited traffic
  • Free opportunity to build an online empire and a virtual real estate without spending a dime
  • Access to freelance writing opportunities
  • Free opportunity to learn web design, publishing, and development
  • Opportunity to earn cool and consistent online revenue.

Premium members get the following benefits in such communities:

  • Access to the best and most integrated online marketing resources in the online world
  • All tools unlocked to start making money right away
  • Opportunity to become a super affiliate
  • Opportunity to meet with other super bloggers in all parts of the world
  • Exposure to become a pro blogger
  • Free website protocols including free SSL certificate, free site speed, free site protection, free site privacy, free unlimited email accounts, free WHOIS, and lots more.
  • Opportunity to build a profitable blog from the onset
  • Opportunity to connect to blogging buddies who come from the different locations of the world.
  • Access to hundreds of training courses, videos, and tutorials on internet marketing
  • Understanding the use of niche and keyword research tools
  • Understanding how to choose low competition keywords for any content niche

However, the cost of creating a blog does not end in buying a domain name and hosting package alone, but includes what you have to incur on getting your blog ranked well in search engines.

Though most bloggers promote their blogs right from onset using the paid advertising packages like Google Adwords, Facebook Ad marketing, Twitter Ad marketing packages, LinkedIn, and all of that, you can actually build your blog and incur some little expenses without leveraging the paid advertisements at all.

The following are alternative ways to build your blog incurring little expenses:

  • Using the premium niche and keyword research tool
  • Paying for sponsored posts on niche related authority blogs
  • Hiring writers to write informative articles

Using the Premium Niche and Keyword Research Tool

The most integrated niche and keyword research tools ever launched online are not free. To make the most out of the keyword and niche research tools, you’ll need to buy the premium ones which usually on a $47/month package and you’ll successfully write the kind of content that will rank in search engines.

Paying for Sponsored Posts on Niche Related Authority Blogs

Some pro bloggers usually offer sponsored posts on their blogs for veteran bloggers who need back links and a decent flow of organic traffic to their personal blogs. If you want to sponsor a post on an authority blogger’s blog, be ready to incur some expenses and prepare to get return on investment (ROI) soonest.

Hiring Writers to Write Informative Articles

Bloggers do hire writers in order to keep their blogs up to date. Search engine spiders go out frequently to index posts and pages and this is what eventually leads to the ranking of blogs. Because of this, Bloggers don’t mind paying writers to write informative blog posts from time to time.


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