Dead Nigerian Celebrities In 2013: List Of Deceased Nollywood Actors, Actresses, Movie Stars

list of dead nollywood actors  actresses

August 2013 – Dead Nigerian Celebrities In 2013: List Of Deceased Nollywood Actors, Actresses, Movie Stars

Unlike last year were we learnt of sad stories of dead Nigerian celebrities like Pete Eneh, Enebeli Elebuwa and co, we didn’t get as much in this current year.

The first person on the list of dead Nigerian celebrities for 2013 is Nollywood yoruba actress Bisi Komolafe who died after an apparent abortion.

She died in an hospital months after receiving treatment, it was a very dark mood to hear her sudden demise on the 1st of January 2013.

This is followed by the death of Nigerian singer Goldie Harvey who died on valentines day… February 14 hours after her arrival in Nigeria from the United states of America.

Though other movies stars that died this year are not as popular as the other ones that died prior to 2013.

Below is a list of dead Nigerian celebrities

List Of Dead Nollywood Actors & Actresses

  • David Ihezie
  • James Iroha aka Giringori
  • Sam Loco Efe
  • Lekan Lekinson
  • Justus Esiri – Died on Feb 19, 2013
  • Pete Eneh died in 2012
  • Enebeli Elebuwa died in December 2012
  • Collins Ifeanyi died in 2013
  • Silifatu Silifonia died in 2012 killed by her husband
  • Bisi Komolafe

May the souls of dead Nigerian celebrities rest in peace.

6 thoughts on “Dead Nigerian Celebrities In 2013: List Of Deceased Nollywood Actors, Actresses, Movie Stars

  1. Pls dis is geting 2 mush, we are loosing acties almost every months, we can not allow dis to continue, pls peple of nigeria let moboliiz our self in unity to seek for solution and put a stop to all dis untimly death…. My contribution is prayer, any other contribution from any person.. Bcus i dont want to loos another vecteran again dat is wat i will not tolaret, becaus am going banana……..

  2. I wounder if they re competing on who will die first,or thy generate to there death,God pls help them nt to die again,if thy kill them self either let them change

  3. dis untimly death of our actors n actresses is getting out of hand, dem dey really need prayer n dey shuld also seek for spiritual advice cos if dis shuld continue like dis no one will like to join, so if it is a curse on dem dey can wave it away or go for deliverance may God protect d rest IjN

  4. We the members of the Actors Guild On Nigeria, felt the absence of Late Sam Loco Efe and host of others too numerous to mention. The death rate in the industry is getting out of hand but we can’t question God Almighty. He knows best and better. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace amen.

  5. Nollywood Actors/actress should nknow that they are not only there to show thier talents to the world, but also know that life has a meaning . So they always try to choose the best life to live God first.
    There millions of fans who will like to emulate the positive side of thier life thanks.

  6. such is life the earlier we unite ourselves as one the better for us. I will like to use this great medium to call to all celebrities to seek for medical advice always

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