British Airways Airline Nigeria Local Office

british airways airline nigeria

British Airways Airline Nigeria has become the favourite airlines for Nigerians who are frequent travelers to Britain especially London.

British Airline Nigeria local office is located at

The Waterfront
Plot 5 Oyinkan
Abayomi Drive,
Ikoyi, Lagos

To contact British Airline in Nigeria, call their service rep at 0800 2222 557

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00

For delayed baggage or claim, call the numbers below

Lagos: +234 (1) 883 2270 +234 (1) 874 5447
Abuja: +234 (9) 810 0022

366 thoughts on “British Airways Airline Nigeria Local Office

  1. please I want you to help me check if any parcel was sent to me from London. A friend of mine said he sent some items for me

  2. I want to confirm a parcel that was sent to me from one Mr Derrick Marconi from USA on 31st of July 2018 identification number 452 if is real

  3. Good day all
    I happen to receive a laptop package from Carolina Wilson who lives in Manchester (United Kingdom)… Right now we’re making conversation with the despatch manager who goes by the name Mr Henry Kelubia with his phone number 08127037890 that tomorrow by 7:00am i should contact them in order to receive my package by paying the amount of 9500 to my place…. With the help of almighty ALLAH by giving me the capability to thoroughly check on such issues which i ended up finding myself into this blessful forum., i now realized that they are just trying to rubbed me and the funniest thing is that I’m a corper and up to now I’d not receive my Allowee 😀😀😀.. At the end, I will like to thank you guys for creating this forum and God bless…….

  4. I want to confirm a parcel sent from UK from Donald Williams on 5th september 2018 through British Airways Cargo, an agent called Richard (08105194331) called me that the parcel is in abuja, which i need to clear with 66,900. the parcel code is AEACO155408, please i want to confirm if its real or fake. Thank you, i will be expecting your reply.

  5. please a parcel was sent to me on August.29 by a friend Dexter Alec by British airway worldwide cargo “yes,or “no

  6. pls do i have any parcel from u.k dis morning through british airway cargo 4rm a friend desmonia richard,that the despatcher is mr joseph odabi and this is his phone no 08061602553,my name is ifeanyi okonkwo.

  7. My name is Bensammy Akomaye from Lagos I’m expecting a parcel from Viola Ren Mabell, Newham UK. The Nigeria Customers care number attached with the receipt sent to me is 08166038447, when I called this number, a male attendant picked and explained to me that the parcel arrived at Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport Abuja at 6.15 am on Friday 28 September, 2018 instead of Lagos, that I have to pay the sum of N13,500 in the Bank for my parcel to be sent from Abuja to Lagos airport. I want to confirm if actually my parcel is in Abuja British Airways cargo office. Thanks

  8. Someone called me and said that a parcel was sent to me and said I should pay 25000 for the clearance and the parcel code is 4327 from UK. Plz help me and confirm if its real or fake

  9. I was sent #9000 an apple system and a phone from John Meyer ..pls confirm if it’s real..file identification number 452..

  10. Please someone said that he send me an iPhone, laptop, 900 dollars, his name is William Morrison, file number 1377, I hope this is scam

  11. Good afternoon
    My name is Amachi Daniel in Kaduna, I am to recieve a parcel sent to me by Mary Moon from Washington DC, an apple laptop, the parcel arrived in Nigeria today by 4:00am, agent by name Micheal Oluwatoye, number 081*****2786, called me that the parcel arrived in Lagos this morning, that I need to pay local charges in other that the parcel will be deliver to me. I want to know if it is true.

  12. I was sent a parcel by a friend yesterday called Thomas Harry from Scotland embassy which he told me it’s gonna arrive by 17:00am which is today. So i received a message from the Nigeria number written on the receipt sent to me 08134461376 this morning to send the sum of 5500 for the delivery… Please is this true, hope it is not a scam?

  13. The name of British Airways is being soiled by this scammers, they should really do something about it. Today I was told that a friend abroad sent me a parcel containing an iPhone, and a laptop, and it was supposed to arrive via British Airways. I was contacted and told to pay 58,000 into one Emmanuel Destiny Harrison’s account, with account number 0783077240 Access Bank who claimed to be their dispatch manager, and also to pay another amount of money into Frederick Umokoro who claimed to be a customs manager with account number 2106969953 UBA bank. With one Daniel who spoke to me on the phone. Please let us be wise and be enlightened on how avoid all these scammers.

  14. I was sent some goods,am I was ask to pay #8950 to this account number(3066684856) WARIEBI TOMBRA Company account and I did am yet to receive my goods his phone number is (09052679301) please help me

  15. Hello please my Omondia uyi Desmond am from edo state but I base in Lagos State currently schooling in auchi now a friend of mine sent me a goods from Texas whose name is lambart Monica Diana and she sent the goods to Nigeria and told me to call a flight officer in Lagos but the flight officer told me to come to Nnamdi azikwe airport ans ask me to pay 7500 for it to be delivered to auchi and the parcel number is 452

  16. Hello, am Kwada Haruna Toma from Maiduguri, Borno State. A friend said she sent a parcel to me this morning from UK by name Esther Albert. Please help me confirm it because they’re demanding for 18000 from me before they delivere the items to me according to them. Please help me confirme it thanks.

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