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Money Making Business Ideas For Fresh Graduates In Nigeria (2019).. Businesses University Students Can Do In Nigeria

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Money Making Business Ideas For Fresh Graduates In Nigeria (2019)..

Top Businesses University Students Can Do In Nigeria

Are you a fresh graduate who has been hassling to get a white collar job all this while? Do you just believe in seeking jobs at offices of the government or just working under people? I’m pleased to inform you today that you have great potentials to start a business of your own and earn cool and legitimate income without carrying certificates and files all about anymore.

If you are ready to become successful, there is no barrier for you at all. All that matters is your readiness and believing in yourself that you’re going to make it in life in something you love doing.

I have seen a lot of graduates out there who stroll round the streets and constitute nuisance around because they graduated without getting a job. This is why the future of Nigeria may be endangered as a result of joblessness on the part of the masses especially the millions of youths who graduate from the Nigerian universities every year.

If joblessness has become our sign of identity, then why not ask the youths to rise and find alternatives to what you can do to save a lot of Nigerians who still remain jobless in the country.

In today’s article, I want to suggest a number of jobs you can be doing in Nigeria as a fresh graduate that will help you make cool and legitimate income and forget looking out for white collar jobs around.

Here are the business ideas that are meant for you as a fresh graduate:

  1. Online business ideas
  2. Offline business ideas

Online Business Ideas For Young Nigerian Graduates

When it comes to working online, there are numerous ways to earn. The only problem with the online business is that most Nigerians are not good at giving what it takes to build an online empire. Nigerians are always in search of what can fetch them instant money, whereas, there is no such ‘Get rich quick’ business opportunity online.

As far as I am concerned, I had to follow the way of the Americans to learn online marketing properly before I could successfully build an online business.

What I learned from those people is that they don’t look for money online in a hurry, but take the right steps towards becoming successful online which may sometimes take them more than a year or two.

So, if you really want to become successful in online business, you must learn by imitation. You must patiently build your business and work to get financial freedom in a lifetime.

Here are the good ways to work online and earn cool and consistent revenue:

  1. Freelancing: This is noteworthy as it’s all you’ll need to cope with the expenses involved in building up an online empire. It’s not worth it to focus on freelancing alone without building a personal brand online. When we talk about getting financial freedom, that does not come with freelancing, but surely, you can earn some extra income that will help pay bills in the course of building up your own online business.

While trying to join the freelance writing sites, one of the things you’ll need to put in mind is that you may be required to submit a certain number of trial posts first, while you’ll prepare to start writing once you’re accepted as a writer. You’ll be told about the pay rate, and if satisfied, you may go ahead with the job.

By working zealously, you’ll be able to earn some pennies that will help in coping with other bills that are accrued to you.

  1. Building a virtual real estate: In the course of building a virtual real estate, you must bear in mind that it takes some time, effort and spending to succeed in this. That is why you need to work as a freelance writer pending the time your virtual real estate becomes a stable source of income for you. If there is no other source through which you can be earning some extra income daily or weekly, then you may not succeed in building that real estate. You may fail in re-subscribing for hosting and other things.

I need to share from my own experience so far in the course of building an online empire. At first, online marketing entails observing certain things consistently such as:

  • Writing high-quality and informative content: Content is king when it comes to building a site for a higher Google search ranking, and this must be done while engaging visitors effectively..
  • Answering questions on Question & Answer platforms: You must sign up an account on platforms such as Quora, Yahoo Answers and others and begin to answer questions asked by other people. To make the most out of this in relation to link building, you must answer questions that are related to your niche.

Offline Business Ideas For Fresh Nigerian Graduates

Aside from the online business ideas explained above, you can also do some offline businesses such as writing for giant book publishers, farming poultry, pigs and so many others.

  • Becoming a book author for giant book publishers: This is an offline business idea for you as a fresh graduate. What is your course of study? What is your discipline about? You can apply to be an author for 1 or 2 giant publishing companies. While writing, you may request for an advance payment and the balance is paid once you’ve completed the assignment.

While writing for book publishers, you may request for the currently-used education curriculum in order for you to write as expected and for your work not to be rejected.

  • Poultry farming: Poultry farming is another offline business opportunity you can venture into as a fresh graduate whether you studied Agriculture-related courses in the university or not. If at all you don’t have funds in account to start this business, you may obtain some credit facilities that will help you get the cage, the feeds and a good number of birds to start with.
  • Pig farming: Pig farming is another offline business opportunity that is suitable for a fresh graduate like you which only a few people are involved in. I’ve heard about those who have started this business long ago and have made a lot of money from it.


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