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Online Freelance Article Writing Jobs In Lagos: Nigerian Sites That Pay You To Write Articles

online article writing jobs nigeria

  • Latest Work From Home Writing Jobs For Nigerian Freelance Writers And Authors
  • Freelance Article Writing Jobs In Nigeria: Latest Jobs For Nigerian Freelance Writers And Authors
  • Sites That Pay Nigerian Freelance Writers In Naira To Write Creative Articles

For anyone that has a great passion for writing articles, news and stories, entertainment reports, blog content, as well as blog posts in Nigeria, opportunities to earn cool and consistent revenue online are unlimited.

Freelance writing has finally opened doors of unending cash flows for so many Nigerian graduates who have decided to go into writing jobs after getting frustrated in the course of searching for white collar jobs.

As a writer, you can improve your writing skills by:

  • Reading other people’s blog posts: Visiting blogs, reading posts as well as fleshing out the crucial points which will help you leave valuable and authentic comments.
  • Outreaching to co-bloggers: Contacting co-bloggers via site contact, site email or live chat to offer help, give support and to create stronger bonds.
  • Implementing the topic brainstorming strategy: Doing topic brainstorming for content creation to facilitate writing and ensure that writer’s block is minimized.
  • Using the grammar checking tools like Grammarly while creating content: Leveraging the grammar checking tools to proofread all of your content to ensure that you always have an error-free write-up on your blog.
  • Performing keyword researches for all of your content: Making use of the most integrated keyword research tools to perform keyword researches for all of your write-ups and to rank well in search engines.

Online Article writing jobs in Nigeria are highlighted below:

  1. Freelance writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Magazine writer
  4. Editor
  5. News reporter
  6. Social media manager
  7. Technical writer

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is currently the most popular writing career in the online world today and most Nigerian blogs have created several job openings for the potential Nigerian writers.

It’s now become the most available earning opportunity for anyone who is passionate about writing offline. There is no other quality requirement for becoming a blog writer than writing passionately as well as being conscious of typos.

The most successful bloggers in the online world today are freelance writers. They all started as writers and became successful in writing. Blogging is the top writing career through which anyone can have a successful internet entrepreneurial business.

Writing helps you earn in various ways such as forum posting, blog commenting, thread creating as well article writing. Aside from these, writers offer guest posts to blogs and earn one way or the other doing it.

The best Nigerian blogs that create job openings for Nigerian writers are:



Blogging is a skill through which you can demonstrate knowledge about something and share with others through content creation.

You can write for others and can write for yourself too. The most challenging part is writing for yourself since you know you’re not going to be earning immediately, but later. This is where writing for others may be necessary for the beginning aspect of building up a blog.

While preparing to start blogging, certain tools and resources are needed such as the tool for requesting comments, the tool for replying comments, the tool for creating content for SEO, the tool for performing keyword and niche researches, and many more.

To become a blogger, you need a professional blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, and others. This is the channel through which you’ll set up your personal blog. The next thing to do is sign up a hosting account and start publishing content, engage the readers, and build a first-page ranking for it.

Steps to becoming a successful blogger are:

  1. Sign up a blogger account using or
  2. Create a free blog
  3. Choose a hosting platform for your new blog
  4. Customize your domain name to become an authority
  5. Publish content frequently to build your Page Rank
  6. Attract visitors
  7. Earn cool and consistent revenue

Magazine Writer

A magazine writer is needed to create and compile news and stories about events going on around, write entertainment reports, and create quality content.

They’re hired by blog owners to edit magazines, newsletters, and news reports. Nigerian blogs such as the ones shortlisted above hire magazine writers to work for them.

Local publishing firms hire the service of a magazine writer to write entertainment and news reports.


Good writers always make good editors. Once a writer understands what it takes to edit a write-up thoroughly, he may be hired to edit content, blog posts, news posts, and entertainment reports about celebrities in Nigeria.

Blogs that do have editors and writers on separate files assign writing projects to writers while editors do the finishing part of the projects before publishing.

Writers sometimes do the work of an editor at National Dailies, news industries, publishing firms, and on blogs. They earn additional income doing this at the comfort of their homes.

If you’re well-known as a good writer or an editor, you can earn a lot of money doing the simple jobs for industries even without owning a personal blog.

News Reporter

A news reporter is one of the prolific writing careers in the online world today and it’s the job of those who love asking questions, making inquiries, finding out about things, events, and stories.

Sometimes, news reporters may need to travel from one location to the other and from one country to another compiling some news reports. They love to be wherever elections are being held, or where important events are going on. They interview a lot of people around to ask about certain things having to do with such events.

News reporters are sometimes exposed to risk but the job is highly-rewarding when it’s compared to other jobs.

As a news reporter, you can feature easily in other jobs. You’ll simply be doing one thing at a time and can request to be paid once a job has been completed. You have job openings on many Nigerian blogs whereby news reporters are being hired to write trending reports.

Social Media Manager

Job openings are increasing daily for the potential social media managers. It doesn’t require a university degree to work as a social media manager for an internet enterprise. Once you have sufficient internet experience and you’ve been conversant with the use of social media for several years, you can accept the offer of a social media manager and do it perfectly well.

Many entrepreneurs in Nigeria have experienced difficulties in managing their social media accounts themselves. Thus, they are left with no other choice than hiring the people who can do the jobs accurately for them.

The most popular social media platforms that entrepreneurs hire others to manage on their behalf are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter among others.

Apart from using social media, they also use these managers to help them leverage the high Page-Rank platforms like Quora to gain more quality links back to their blogs and websites.

Website owners go into a payment agreement with the managers and make the fulfillments feasible once an agreement has been reached.

Technical Writer

Technical writers convert complicated ideas into simple English using the various instructional materials, frequently asked questions and other needed resources.

Technical writers love talking about technical ideas, technology, web design, science, logo design, environment, and others.


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