Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan Dead ?

patience jonathan dead

Sept 7, 2012 – Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan Dead ?

We just got a two sentence email from someone stating Nigeria’s first lady Dame Patience Jonathan is dead.

As at the time of this report, can’t confirm if Patience Jonathan is indeed dead.

According to our sources in Germany as at yesterday Sept 6, 2012, Patience Jonathan is still recovering from her cosmetic surgery procedure.

Her condition is still improving as the surgery has taken a toll on her body.

Again, we can’t confirm the authenticity of the email.

Please be careful the kind of email you receive it might be a hoax.

If you receive this kind email, please confirm it’s authenticity before spreading it.

Let’s wish her speedy recovery.

19 thoughts on “Nigeria’s First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan Dead ?

  1. at one point in each of our lives,sicknesses arise,but God’s word concerning us is that by Hos stripes we are healed..our beloved national mummy,u are healed in JESUS NAME……AMEN

    • And you can’t even imagine how grateful Nigeria is to God that you arr not her citizen. Just imagine your english “tank god am not a nigeria” kmt olodo.

  2. I pray to almigthy to help her and save her soul so that she wil laugh at those that had been spreading this very sure before you speak otherwise next time wil b ur turn

  3. I pray for our dear 1st lady mrs jonathan for speedy recovery, and for the pple that are spreading this evil rummour, may God have mercy on you,long live the president and his entire family, long live our dear country Nigeria.

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