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9Mobile Etisalat Night Plan: How To Subscribe, Check Balance & Stop Auto Renewal

how to check data balance 9mobile

How To Subscribe, Check Balance And Cancel Auto Renewal On 9Mobile Etisalat Night Plan

In contemporary Nigeria, it can rightly be asserted that 9mobile is among the fastest existing network in Nigeria. Apart from voice calls and SMS, the company also provides data for both heavy and light data consumers. 9mobile has differing data plans that will actually suit your needs.

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9mobile, formerly referred to as Etisalat has actually brought about a data plan that will certainly be of interest to all its subscribers- this is the 9mobile night plan. This 9mobile data plan is cost-effective and practical for students, men and women, business persons and many others.

So, a subscriber of 9mobile might wonder: How can I key into this interesting data plan? How can I subscribe for the 9mobile night data plan.

how to subscribe to 9mobile night plan

How To Subscribe To 9Mobile Etisalat Night Plan

In order to buy any 9mobile data plan, you will have to insert your SIM in the phone, switch on your phone and recharge your phone with the amount that will be commensurate with the amount of data you want to subscribe.

For all 9mobile Nigeria subscribers, the 9mobile night data plan is readily available. It can only be used between 12:00 AM and 5:00 am. To activate this plan, you should endeavor to have a minimum of #50 on your SIM for the 250MB plan. Also, for the 1GB plan, you will need to have a minimum of #200. This thereby implies that the 9mobile night plan costs #50 for 250MB and #200 for 1GB.

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The internet speed for this night data plan is very fast. This even explains why Etisalat changed its name to 9mobile in which the 9, according to the management of the organization, stands for speed, quality and excellence.

In order to activate the plan for 250MB, the subscriber will have to dial *229*10*10#. On the other hand, you will need to dial *229*3*11#  for the 1GB plan.

However, the subscriber can also dial *229*3*12# to enjoy another kind of 9mobile night data bundle. You can activate this bundle for 30 days after you pay 1000 naira and dial the quick USSD code on your phone. With this, the subscriber can have 2GB evening and weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of the weekend.

What if a subscriber wants to enjoy the 9mobile night data plan that will allow him to have access to the internet between 7pm until 7am everyday of the week including weekends?.

In this case the subscriber will have to dial *229*3*13# after paying 2000 naira so as to receive 5GB of data. For this plan, the data will be available from 7pm until 7am every day of the week, along with weekends.

It is important to note that all the evening and night Etisalat (9mobile) plans cannot be used if you are presently using roaming. These plans are presently only offered within Nigeria. The 9mobile data plans can be used on Modem, game console, PC, Windows, iPods, smart phones, iPads, iOS, and many other devices that can connect to the internet.

9Mobile Night Plan On Morecliq                                                   

9Mobile also have another mobile phone and computer data plan. It is the 9mobile (Etisalat) 250MB night plan (on MORECLIQ). The price is #50 and can enable a subscriber to access 250MB which would be valid from 12:00 am -5:00 am.

But, how can you subscribe for this plan? .

On a new SIM, you can dial 200 and then press 2. From any package that had been existing, you can dial *244*1# so as to enable you to migrate to the 9mobile MORECLIQ.

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But, how can a subscriber have access to free data to browse at night (12:00AM – 5:00AM) even though he is not on a night plan? 9mobile Cliq4DNite will enable you to have 1GB free data at night. You can have access to this free data at night any day and anytime you are on a data plan of #500 or more. As mentioned earlier, for you to migrate to 9mobile MORECLIQ, you will need to dial *244*1#. Since you need to be on a data plan of #500 or more, it is also important you are informed how to subscribe to 9mobile monthly subscription for #500. You can do this by dialing *229*2*12#. If you are on #500, you can enjoy free 1GB data for night browsing and download.

How To Check Data Balance On 9Mobile Data Plans

It is always important to check data balance.

For checking one’s data usage can help to conserve the data, thereby having a cost-effective use of your data. But some people might not know how to check 9mobile data balance considering the fact that the organization changed its name recently from Etisalat to 9mobile. It can be challenging sometimes since it might be difficult keeping in touch with all the short codes used by ISPs because the USSD codes are really quite much. There are actually two main ways to check 9mobile data balance.

How To Check 9mobile Data Balance Using USSD Short Code

First, you can check 9mobile data balance using USSD short code. Whether you are using Android, iPhone, Windows, Java phone or any other phone, you can use this method. You will have to dial *228# on your phone. Subsequently your data balance would be displayed on your screen as well as the expiry date. This information would also be sent to you via SMS.

How To Check 9mobile Data Balance Using SMS

Secondly, you can also check 9mobile data balance through SMS. This method also works for all devices or tablet device. You do this by opening your Messages box in your phone, then type and send INFO to 228. You will immediately get an SMS showing you your data balance and expiry date.

However, you can also dial *200#>>2, for My Account>>2, for Check Balance. Your remaining data volume will be shown to you. Moreover, Etisalat (9mobile) data plan balance can also be checked by simply texting Bal to 228. For Blackberry Etisalat subscribers, simply dial *399*2# to check your BIS data balance.

How To Stop, Cancel  9Mobile Data Auto Renewal

Considering that every subscriber uses the money that he/she must have worked hard to earn to subscribe for whatever data plan, it is necessary for each subscriber to know how to stop the 9mobile data auto renewal. This is because the auto renewal used by the internet service providers can easily just keep renewing your data plans even if you don’t want to. This means that when the data expires, the airtime that you might want to use for other important purposes will be wasted away on a data package you don’t need at a particular time.

how to cancel 9mobile data auto renewal

Disabling or stopping auto renewal simply implies you are telling 9mobile not to automatically renew your data when it expires. Stopping auto renewal can be useful when you don’t want to continue with a particular data plan or you don’t want to purchase data at the time. To stop auto renewal, you can simply dial *229*0#.

However, there are other data plans that are offered by 9mobile apart from the 9mobile night data plans.

9Mobile Data Plans

The 9mobile data plan can rightly be categorized into different aspects. We have the internet bundles, smartpaks and smartphones plans. Any time a subscriber subscribes to any of the above-mentioned data plans, starting from #500 to #8000, the subscriber will enjoy calls at 20 Kobo per second to any network without any access fee charged. It is noteworthy that 9mobile smartpaks is for light users.


There are some subscribers who make limited use of the internet. For such persons, 9mobile smartpaks will be invaluable. The 9mobile smartpaks is a data package for light users who just use the data to chat. You can enjoy unlimited access to any of your different favorite apps with smartpaks. It could be that you want to chat, get social or even watch movies or live sports. Smartpaks offers you all-around access app bundles that give you the freedom to choose.


This particular type of data plan is available for all devices including Smartphones, laptops, iPhones, Computers, Blackberry and so on.

Any 9mobile subscriber can subscribe for the 1GB data plan. The price of this data plan is 1000  Naira and the activation code is *229*2*7#. This particular plan is valid for 30 days. Also, there is the 1.5GB which sells for 1200 naira and the activation code is *229*2*25#. This is also valid for 30 days.

More so, you can acquire 2.5GB for N2,000. To enable this data plan, you can use the *229*2*44# USSD code and it is valid for 30 days. The 5GB data can be subscribed by your recharging N3,500 and activate it by dialing *229*2*33#. The 11.5GB 9mobile data plan can be bought with N8,000. You can activate it by dialing *229*2*55#. The 5GB and 11.5GB are valid for 30 days. The quarterly plan which is valid for 90 days can be subscribed for with N27,500 and gives you 30GB. The Bi-annual data plan of 60GB is sold for N55,000 and valid for 120 days and can be activated with *229*5*2#. The 100GB data plan costs N84,992, valid for 130 days. The *229*4*5# USSD code can be used to activate this. Lastly, the annual plan of 120GB costs N110,000 and is valid for 365 days (a full year). You can activate it by using the *229*5*3#.

Conclusively, it is a wise course for heavy and light data users to try 9mobile to really enjoy fast and stable broadband service and richer online experience at your favorite sites.

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1 Comment

  1. Aimanose

    September 7, 2019 at 3:40 AM

    Your code doesn’t work, you’ll have to fail *200*3*8# to cancel auto renewal of your night plan.

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