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ACN Celebrates 13 Years Of Fruitful Democracy In Lagos

May 30, 2012 – The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has congratulated the Lagos State government and the past administration in Lagos and indeed the good people of Lagos for making good use of the democratic space that berthed thirteen years ago to significantly lift Lagos from the doldrums and making it the driver of the new Nigeria and one of the most important mega cities in the world.

The party urges Lagosians to continue their unalloyed support to ACN as the redoubtable vehicle for the real transformation of Nigeria to a significant nation in the comity of nations.

In a release in Lagos , signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says that Lagos has risen from the taunting of the fathers of PDP and the architects of the ruinous waste laying facing Nigeria today that Lagos is a jungle.

The ACN government has in the past thirteen years made Lagos the bastion of progress and growth in a country facing monumental decline.

The party advises the present and incoming regimes in Lagos to continue improving Lagos till it becomes Africa ’s first destination of choice for businesses and people outside the continent.

“When we see the parlous state of the country at present where thirteen years of democracy has translated to gargantuan failure of hope and monumental national tragedy, we have every reason to thank God for the governments that have ruled Lagos these past thirteen years.”

When we see the monumental infrastructural growth in Lagos , the expansion in roads, schools, medicare, employment, we have cause to feel democracy has well served Lagosians in the past thirteen years. When we see the enhanced state of our environment, transportation, traffic management, justice dispensation, security, good governance and rule of law, we have great cause to celebrate the fruits of democracy in Lagos . With Lagos experiencing monumental growth and driving the Nigerian economic hopes in the face of national economic atrophy, we have implicit hope in the future of the country and the present wobbling democracy.

“With Lagos expanding in its role as the first destination for Nigerians eager to live their dreams in the face of the unceasing woes the country has conversely been experiencing in the past thirteen years, we have cause to thank the vision, courage, wisdom and determination of the past and present regimes in Lagos these thirteen years.”

According to the party, “we see the critical role Lagos plays as Nigeria’s most important, most productive, most populated, most enlightened and most critical state as the sinew that holds the hope for the progress and growth of the flailing country and we state that the past thirteen years has seen Lagos excel in this role as the rest of the country face bleak prospects as a result of the widening corruption, criminality and impunity that has mostly characterized the practice of democracy these past thirteen years. That Lagos continues to attract and indeed draw the most educated and most enlightened in every other state is a deserved tribute to the past and present regimes in Lagos these past thirteen years.

“While we may not willingly say that Nigerians have had a cheery experience with democracy these past thirteen years, we can emphatically state that Lagosians have made very good use of democracy to the extent that almost every Nigerian regards Lagos as an exception to the bleak fruits this wobbling democracy had been bearing. We believe that Lagos will in the coming days, play the role most Nigerians expect of it to lead the recovery of the country from the atrophy of the present. We believe that Lagos will continue to be the driver of the expected real growth of the country and its recovery from the state of ruin of the present.

“While we congratulate Lagosians on their god fortune these past thirteen years of fruitful democratic rule, we solicit the continued support and understanding of Lagosians as more critical issues are addressed in the coming days. As more Nigerians look up to Lagos for a lifeline in the bleak prospects Nigerians face at present, we seek the support of all to make Lagos excel in the face of the expanding demands of Nigerians. We thank Lagosians for their unshakeable fidelity with the ACN and its government in Lagos and we ask that this fidelity be strengthened so as to continue to give the country a model of good governance, performance and growth as the nation continues to regress on every indices of democracy.”

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