King Wasiu Ayinde Music Video: Free Download, Info & MP3

wasiu ayinde music

Wasiu Ayinde music is one of the most listened to songs in Nigeria.

Fuji lovers at home and abroad respect the number one King of music in Nigeria for his stylish approach to Fuji music.

King Wasiu Ayinde music is the most popular in Nigeria as we speak followed by Pasuma Alabi and others.

For wasiu ayinde music free download, go on and search for it.

From there, downloading is a step further.

Copy Wasiu Ayinde music url on youtube and paste it on, then download it from there.

Wasiu ayinde music mp3 can also be downloaded from the above website too.

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15 thoughts on “King Wasiu Ayinde Music Video: Free Download, Info & MP3

  1. I love is music so much…..****and is kind of person,mostly de fuji songs,and he known how to praise someone very well…I like him for dat as well

  2. K1 is my favourite……On my nikahi day it’s going to be him. Love is music nd style of his performance

  3. I had being trying to download the boxing Day 2009 by King wasiu ayinde full track Bt i did not get it pls help me out

  4. I Am A Hausa By Tribe Hail From Katsina, Since My Childhood I Developed My Intrest In Fuji Music, Such Musicians Are Prof. Ayinla Kollington, Late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister And Wasiyu Ayinde, But I Dont Know Why I Can Not Download Their Music With My Small Phone, I Can Only Download With Android.

  5. I really love his music even d way his boys plays d strings makes me happy any time I listen to his music.

  6. hmmm haa kwam himself on this day as I write by the grace of God he will be the one to open my first house threat will be built elegantly, I like his lyrics so much. my dad passed the legacy to me, Berlin tour 2 my favourite then after vivid imagination the legacy , there are so many I will wanna listen to them over and over again

  7. I really like his stylish approach to fuji music, the way he sings, the way his boys plays the sax and other instument. I just love everything about him

  8. Obesere has always been a stupid human being so I am not in anyway surprised at his useless comment about k1. Whether he likes it or not k1 is superior to him all areas of like. Omo oshi, alaileko omo.

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