Illuminati Killed Celebrity: Names, List Of Celebrities Assassinated, Murdered

illuminati killed celebrities

Updated Jan 23, 2013 – Illuminati Killed Celebrity: Names, List Of Celebrities Assassinated, Murdered

The Illuminati killed celebrities . A number of top icons in the musical industry may have been murdered by the Illuminati of late. The Illuminati must have killed Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, killed tupac Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and Heath ledger. Many other innocent people have been have also been penciled for a journey of no return as well.

We all know that the Illuminati are the powerful unseen force behind the scenes of many major world events. They are in charge of almost everything you know and will continue to dominate the world through their elite class, “the Global Elite”, which comprise 12 members. They manipulate all aspects of life to suit their selfish and evil desires. The list is endless and their impact can be felt in any sphere of life from controlling music to politics. The Illuminati killed celebrities.

After listening to Michael’s comments expressing his feelings about Illuminati and their influence in the musical industry, it won’t be out of place to say that he was out to criticize them. Perhaps, his scheduled London tour “This is It!” was going to expose much of their secrets. Surely, the Illuminati would not want Michael alive for his tour because it was his opportunity to spill the beans.

The above is just a list of the few people killed by this secret society. A common reason why many of this people died would be that they were running their mouths rather too loosely about the group. On the other hand, people get killed as well for important things like blood sacrifices or rituals in order to elevate the status of the perpetrators of such acts to the next higher rank.

The Illuminati killed celebrities.

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and a number of notable people in the society were among members of this secret and powerful society. As I speak, many are still devoted members of the elite group within the society. This group of people advocates for lucifer, satan himself. They worship him and strive for his control in the world. They kill and commit other serious crimes in the world under a spurious claim for a New World Order, which is a trick to get someone (THEIR MASTER) to rule the world!

The Illuminati are a group of very powerful people in the society. No wonder, no arrest has so far been made or every attempt to bring them to justice has been swept under the carpet. They are the government. They promote satanic ideologies and can cause extreme recessions anywhere in the world or ruin the economy if made to answer for the crimes they commit.
Of course, the Illuminati killed celebrities.

The Illuminati killed Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse. The Illuminati killed tupac, Illuminati killed Whitney Houston, illuminati killed Aaliyah, illuminati killed Princess Diana, illuminati killed Marilyn Monroe, illuminati killed Heath ledger.

Who will put an end to this orgy of killings?
The illuminati killed celebrities. Unfortunately, as the terror of the illuminati continues unabated. They keep sending countless souls to a journey of no return. Yes, they maim, they kill, and they sniff out the lives of innocent people just like that without being called to account for their actions. Why not? No one dares bell the cat! They seem untouchable. Illuminati are now a sacred cow which the CIA or other security agents dare not touch.

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13 thoughts on “Illuminati Killed Celebrity: Names, List Of Celebrities Assassinated, Murdered

  1. Jesus Christ is powerful than illuminati – if only those celebrities had hidden & covered themselves with his precious blood , they would NOT have been killed by illuminati – coz satan flees when he sees Christ’s blood

    • Amen to that! Those people who have given their souls to satan are very weak and never knew God. This is sad when someone have the nerve to sacrifice their family for money, especially their parents.

  2. Yes Lord. If you believe in God, then believe there is one who wants to out-do God. He can only do if if humans help him and become his angels.


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