Nigerian Artist J Martins Biography, Profile, Music & Life History

j martins nigerian artist biography

Update in Oct, 2012 – Nigerian Artist J Martins Biography,Profile, Music & Life History

Nigerian artist J Martins was born on September 29th, 1977, in Onitsha Anambra state of Nigeria, however the prolific singer and performer hails from Ohafia in Abia state, East of Nigeria. Just like many artists that started from the church choir, J martins claimed his choir master mother influenced his music career while he was young. Martins travelled with his mother a lot when he was younger, he was thus exposed to choirs from different churches, and while he was passing through his primary, secondary and tertiary education, he learnt to play several musical instruments.

J martins’ music career

J Martins real name is Martins Okey Justice. Martins possess two degrees in Mass communication and business administration from 2 different higher institutions in Enugu state, and he has worked with several top Nigerian and African artists such as P Square, Timaya, Waje and Fali Ipupa from Congo.

J Martins date of birth is September 29th, 1977, he also got married on 2nd of January 2011, to an Abuja big girl, the traditional wedding was performed at J Martins home town, Ohafia, Abia state and was attended by his colleagues in the music industry and well-wishers. J Martins wife is an Abuja society lady named Nnazi, she hails from the same state where Martins come from.

J Martins songs

J Martins age is 35, the artist cum entertainer has several popular songs to his credit , these include Good or buy { which features P square}, Jupa remix {featuring Fali Ipupa from Congo} , Good tym, Kele Papa, Oyoyo, Believe, Iva, Change , Tonight, Chameleon, Kudi, and so fly remix. J Martins is believed to be pushing finishing touches to his new 10 tracker album that will be released any moment soon.

J Martins recent news

Just like many other celebrities, J Martins has had his own fair share of rumours, the most recent of this is the speculation that the Anambra state born entertainer was practicing homosexuality; this was disclosed in Global News magazine a top entertaining publication in Nigeria. J Martins has since denied these allegations, and according to his own side of the story, it was simply a plot to blackmail him into bribing some journalists. J martins is one of the few entertainers in Nigeria that has remained scandal free, according to the prolific entertainer, his marriage to Nnazi has made him more to remain more focus and responsible.

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  1. U are truely one of d few artists dat r makin ohafia gr8 nd proud… I’m also a citizen,bt I suggest u cme nd invest even if its a little,cme nd invest 2 help develop our home town “OHAFIA”.That wil b more jovial of u unlike Rugged man….THANKS

  2. I see jst know reason why peopel could be dat weacked. Ever since i myself was born i hv known j martins as one of the nigerian artist.geneviv why do u say dat j martins should be arested jst becos he got a girl pregenant?J.MARTINS AM OBINNA NWAOKONTA ONE OF UR FANCE 1LUV

  3. Weda u do gud or bad pple must talk abt u. Bt my advice to j.martins z to always remain focus in li5. He shud not even luk d face of dose fools dat criticize him. Na God dey pay person no be man.

  4. Ma man mk u liv dem cos in dis lif u must av an enemy watching ova u bt GOD av blessed u kip it up bt dnt 4get me cos am a young star and i nid ur help dis z my num 08162327634

  5. The beta man is,worst he is thought of by his rivals,anything good attract envy,guy carry go. Abum nwa afo ISUOCHI

  6. For the purpose of promotion and event consideration, can I have your manager’s details to enable us chat?
    Please kindly forward it to my mailing box.
    With all due respect.
    Thank you so much.

  7. J-Martins.swt man i luv yo music,s nd wl always do.but i dnt wnt u to b lyk Rugged D baba wu ve chozn to b fulish,to develop other,s state,s nd town instead of his.Am frm Obiene Ututu,in Arochukwu LGA Abia…datz after Ohafia LGA.Pls my jnr bro Oskey is talentd in music nd he needs ur help to de studio.Dis z his numb.08132131997.Tnx nd God b wtu.

  8. i enjoy every piece of your song J Martins..,.., :)from the 27th/07/2013 i get to know you.,

  9. The BIG J my brother u ar too much,ur musica is different from others.gud or bad people must talk.God hs already bless u carry on .The igbo flavour in ur tracks ar lovely.My greetings to oga fanny ipupa, the luv i hv for his boss koffi olomide hs bn transfered to him and his formal patner pere mbola…..JOHNNY QATAR.

  10. J Martins, sm pipl r burn 2 criticise, sm criticise cos they nid sm moni & tink blackmail is a 9z setup 4 d provision, wai sm do it 4 jelousy. Nevadles, neva let GOD criticise u. I luv ur songs espcially “BIA MUO NSO” & “GOOD OR BAD”; & I’m lukin 4wd 2 hearing ur coming-soon album. I’d lik 2 mit u someday. Kip it up! I’m DON RIZ.

  11. Pls link me with JMARTINS contact as one of the IBO communities would like him to perform for them in one of the AFRICAN COUNTRIES date early part of Next Month october 2013 for an IBO ‘ IRIJI’ CEREMONY.
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  12. If there any person that luv ur music most is me that’s why i say u are my man am giving you my hand and word because i know there is no word superior to that of God but i don’t want to hear any bad news about you believe in ur self and work with ur mind & what u know . Luv u broda

  13. oyoyo nwa! Its quite not surprising that negative rumours are going on cos i vivid knw, in every profitable enterprize, there must be backbiters. Just believe in yourself and what God says about you. THE KING OF HIGHLIFE BEATS_i hail o! Am dreaming 2 make my own people proud one day just like you; but as it is, am still managing keys on stage, piling my lyrics, waiting 4 my sunshine. Perhaps God will send a helping hand. I Love You and I love ur music. You are the MAN

  14. Norway is really crazy of ur songs man,no body has a right 2 djuge u coz we all human but on God has tht power

    Keep it up,hope u can shoot with fally Ipupa

  15. This guy is a genius, I’m a big fan of his songs like Oyoyo. Is it possible for him to make some concerts in Eastern Africa? (Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya for example).

  16. My senior man,j.martins kip it up we appreciate u,jst focus nd face the future,neva mind them 4 the lord is by ur side…is ur boy Prince

  17. i can wait to see you sir okey martins Eke Uduma…i’m also one of your fans, and i do love your musics.we are proud of u sir.a.k.a chimeremeze 1 of ania ohafia.

  18. Plz can I have J.Martins contact numbers or that of his management. Our company Oripa Media Group is launching ‘Afropop’ a tv music show featuring African & Caribbean artists. This gives artists the much needed publicity to a the fun loving audience in Australia/New Zealand.

  19. I love ur lyrics. U ar my role model.. Am coming up with ur kind of flow and i hope 2 feature you 1 day. Am jst a songwritter/keyboardist dat loves playing ur rythm always. You ar Good Oga J. Long live Abia state.

  20. xup J…u always bring the rigth jam @ the rigth time, keep on doing it bro….but pls if i may ask<>

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