NDA, Nigerian Defence Academy Recruitment, Application Form, Results For 2012 & Beyond

Nigerian Defence Academy

Nov 7, 2012 – NDA Nigerian Defence Academy Recruitment, Application Form, Results For 2012 & Beyond

The Nigerian Defence Academy {NDA} was commissioned on 5th of February, 1964; the military institution was set up in response to the agitation for education and training of Nigeria’s military officer to face military challenges facing the country. Prior to the renaming of the institution as the Nigerian defence academy university, it was formerly referred to as Royal Military Training College {RMFTC}. The main motive of setting up this educational and military training institution is to provide, and train each officer cadet the necessary knowledge, values and skills needed to meet the requirements of the Nigerian defense system.

Nigerian defence Academy recruitment

The main purpose of the Nigerian defence academy recruitment is to provide young recruited cadet with the formal education, military training and character development. The NDA selects able-bodied young men and women who are well educated, groomed and courageous enough to protect the country. The NDA as a matter of fact serves as the foundation for the progressive development of the officers that are recruited into the Nigerian armed forces. The Nigerian defense academy short courses can be found both at the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels of the institution, these short courses are professional programs that last for between several weeks or months.

Nigerian defence academy 2012

Nigerian defence academy 2012 applications have been made available for prospective cadets who wants to join the NDA at 3 major levels, these are; the undergraduate level, military training level and the postgraduate level. Undergraduate courses are available under 3 different faculties; arts and social sciences, engineering, and sciences while cadet programs include the Regular combatant course. Military training include; the cadet brigade and cadet life trainings. Postgraduate courses at the Nigerian defense academy include; Master degrees in fields such as Economics, accounting, Geography, History, Biotechnology, applied chemistry and Nuclear physics. Postgraduate programs are available in fulltime and part time formats.

Nigerian defence academy recruitment

The Nigerian defence academy form is normally the usual route of applying for programs at the Nigerian defense academy, though the closing date for the sale of application forms is 19th of October 2012; this however has been shifted by some weeks till November. The procedure stipulates that prospective applicants must make payments of 7,500 naira for the purchase of application form, an access or Pin code is offered upon this payment and all respective applicants will log unto the NDA application websitewww.ndaapplications.org. There are limited numbers of spaces available at the NDA; therefore, admissions are strictly by first-come-first-served basis.

Nigerian defence academy result

Prospective applicants for NDA are expected to upload their authentic documents such as transcripts and references along with evidences of application payments at the NDA website. Nigerian defence academy result comes out in stages or batches; there are some series of screenings which include written tests, medical and physical strength examinations as well as recommendations from top senior military personnel in order to get admitted into the Nigeria defense Academy programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.