“Cossy Orjiakor Has HIV AIDS, She Is HIV Positive” – Insider

cossy orjiakor hiv aids

April 6, 2013 – “Cossy Orjiakor Has HIV AIDS, She Is HIV Positive” – Insider

Ms Cossy Orjiakor, Nigeria’s most controversial boob queen is now a sober girl.

The Nollywood actress actress who turned a singer and playgirl has been hit with yet another controversy.

A source who craved anonymity sent NaijaGists.com an email this afternoon on the secret health battle the actress is faced with.

The source said the actress who worked as a secret escort for top Nigerian politicians and musicians has hit the rock bottom. Cossy Orjiakor has HIV

Below is an unedited email from the source;

“I want to use this medium to warn all the s*x addicts using Cossy as their frequent client.. If you wanna live long run from this babe. I’m very close to her. In January she learnt about her HIV-positive status and since then she had spent all her money on antiretroviral drugs in order to keep her immune system strong.My friend Cossy is still living in denial of it. Again I’m warning all her customers to be careful. You only have one life to live. Make u no say I no warn you o. Chia!”

Antiretroviral drugs are used in the treatment of HIV infection before it turns into full flex AIDS.

Since HIV status is a personal health issue, there is no way we can verify Cossy Orjiakor’s status.

Hope this is not true… if it is, may the Lord heal her.

4 thoughts on ““Cossy Orjiakor Has HIV AIDS, She Is HIV Positive” – Insider

  1. b4 u knw abt it. Dnt u tink u r kiling d image of dat lady. Whoever is living a life of lies n deciet wil surely pay 4 it. Dnt judge cossy she is a gud gal n she is liking her life.

  2. cossy if truly this is true, all you need to do is to go to GOD prayers, doctors can give drugs that help you live for a while, but god can make it disappear forever, he is the almighty GOD, the healer of all diseases, have hope in him and he will grant you your breakthrough.

  3. cossy,if only u will have faith in God,He will answer u.blcos he is a merciful God,turn away from ur iniquity.he will surely answer you

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