Members Of Illuminati 2013: Celebrities, Famous People

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Jan 13, 2013 – Members Of Illuminati 2013: Celebrities, Famous People

Believe it or not, Illuminati sure do exist and it’s real.

They have plans and agenda to take as many soul as they can through sudden wealth and spiritual connection.

They’ll illuminate you (make you rich, famous and popular) but in return you must sell your soul to satan their grandmaster.

Most of the sect members who left the group in the past have been assassinated which include Notorious B.I.G, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and many others

Famous Celebrities Illuminati Members In 2013

Popular Illuminati Members in 2013 includes

  • Beyonce
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bob Marley
  • Britney spears
  • Cypress hill
  • David bowie
  • Dr dre
  • Eminem
  • Jay z
  • Dbanj
  • Madonna
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Paris Hilton
  • Jim Carey
  • Justin Bieber
  • Kanye west
  • Lady gaga
  • Lil Wayne
  • Madonna
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Michael Jackson (turned against them)
  • Nas
  • Notorious B.I.G
  • Rihanna
  • T pain
  • Tupac Shakur (but then turned against them)

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177 thoughts on “Members Of Illuminati 2013: Celebrities, Famous People

  1. Man, y’all do the most. I mean like come on for real. Y’all like “ooh they going to hell and shit” like come on! Just worry about yourselves. If that’s what they want to do oh well then let them do it just let it be. Like it says in the bible why you try’na correct someone ehile you need some correcting ya own damn self. Just make sure yo ass is corrected before you correct someone else. The illuminati members got time to repent or to turn against them. The ones that want to turn back. But a lot of the members do it for all the money and shit. You can believe in God and still be in the illuminati. See yall play around and shit too much. “OH, HE IN LUMINATI’ HE GOIN’ TO HELL OMG” Damn shut the fuck up all these people wanna do these days is talk and shit, gossip, fuck people, lose they virginity, dont treat others the way they want to be treated, and talk about others when you need to get yo shit in check. Mutha fuckas always playing. So like I said they can be in illuminati but can still be a worshipper of God and just do it fo the fuckin money. So can yall calm yall asses down? DAMN!

  2. My God save us from the hand of the wick one.i Beleave one thing our God can never lia all this things can be done not for is childred that ve the mark of jesue christ on there forhead may God contiune to show us thing in secreat and also make us strong in jesus name amen.

  3. The God of David an the God of Abraham the God of Daniel, Will help surely save us from the hand of the evil one that come around his children.Father have mercy upon your loving children an save us from the hand of the wicked one in Jesus name Amen.

    Notice: Remember that this wold is been created by some one name God Almighty for he is the creator of Heaven and earth.Be-live in him an also be-live in his son Jesus.

  4. ..pray for this and God will protect for this people believe in God a Christian and follower and obey him with all righteous right hands AMEN..

  5. For all of those who want to ” Join Illuminati ” you should really know what you are doing stupid people you should worship the devil & become haunted by demons & preform rituals & then when you die you rot in hell for what?! To be famous in ur lifetime on earth & then have a eternity of touter in hell !!! They run the music industry once your in & you want to leave they kill you ! Yes they kill you i know because one of my family member was with them they worship evil & stupid triangles people pray for god and ask for forgiveness for what your doing and asking for wakeeee upppppp !!!!!!!!!

  6. Can’t you people understand its even written in bible that love your enemies.
    if you hate devil also you become hated by the one who wrote the book.
    lest you go to hell too.
    be careful and about jesus christ his name is #charles_manson he is among the ancient members of illuminati and broke off when he realise that it was not good with him there in the cult
    follow me on twitter @wuorsimon or for more about these conspiracy theories.

  7. I hate illuminaties.. but i love the celebrities..
    so sad to know the members are my favorites!! :(

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  9. You know I don’ blame people the only join illuminati for money and fame but the do not know that the end time is coming

  10. This illuminati sounds like a bunch of bull. Anyway we are living in the last days as it says in the book of revelations and either you are with the Lord Jesus Christ or your not. Your choice. But I personally want to follow my lord and savior. The one who died for me. The one who has made all things possible, the devil or the illuminati has nothing for me or to offer me, I’m good

  11. lam surprise about WizKids is a part of illuminated him you deceived ur self for making a song for calling the name of Allah I hate those people because they known what they doing is good or addition those people are bring all the war will happened in the world they killed Christian and Muslims so you know you have died and see what you do in ur life.

  12. This world it’s very complicated . just only that, my dear Siblings, prepare for the worse and wish for the best as it’s note on it’s movie .

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