“Buhari’s Certificate Is With Us” – Nigeria Army Changes Tone

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Jan 5, 2015 – “Buhari’s Original Certificate Is With Us” – Nigeria Army Changes Tone


In lieu of the news making around on the media of the non availability of Buhari’s documents in the Army, the director of public relations of the Nigerian army Brigadier Olaleye Lajide has come out clear on the issue after reports of the army’s statement went viral.

According to him, the army has all records of all past and presently serving officers and the rank and file but that all officers were supposed to keep their originals. In a case where an officer loses the originals, he must apply for copies from the army, a request the army responds expeditiously.

According to the Brigadier, he was a former director of records at the Nigerian army headquarters and had seen records of older and even retired generals. He was certain that General Buhari’s records were safe and intact.

He debunked news going around and assured that Buhari’s qualifications could be affirmed if need be at the army headquarters.


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