My Sister’s First Child Belongs To Another Man, Her Husband Is Unaware. What Should I Do?

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Oct 2nd, 2012 – My Sister’s First Child Belongs To Another Man, Her Husband Is Unaware. What Should I Do?

My sister first child,Itohan,belongs 2 another sister was pregnant and at the same time sleeping with the present man she is married 2.the girl child will be (5) five dis year.she was able 2 conceal her secret cos the child looks like her only.she is fair,her husband is dark and short.

You need 2 see hw ds man takes care of her.she attends the best school and travels out of the country every holiday.Even if she’s my sister,her husband does not deserve dis.he is a very nice man .even if u tell him ,he wont believe.Only a D.N.A,can make him believe the truth.he deserves 2 knw d truth,what should i do….?

38 thoughts on “My Sister’s First Child Belongs To Another Man, Her Husband Is Unaware. What Should I Do?

  1. why dont u mind ur bizness bizee body since d husband will knw unless by DNA. frm d look of things,it seem u want 2 snatch ur sis husband 4rm her. i encourage 2 mind ur life nd dont be an intrude. leave dem alone i repeat leave dem alone.

  2. Its simple.u ar interestd in your Sistr's husby,& its vry bad.Let him do d findings himself if he feels any thng strange in his marriage…….& pls, woe wud betire u if your sistr leave her home bcos of u.

  3. Are u interested in ur sister husband. If no, mind ur biz. If u decide to tell, d DNA shows the child belong to him, what would u do?

  4. bad sister leave your sister to enjoy her marriage bcos is non of your business if her first child belongs to another man if your sister’s husband found out on his own so be it, or one day maybe your sis will tell him, so my dear mind your business 4now and let BABA GOD handle the rest bcos i know one day GOD will surely touch her and she will defanately open up.

  5. Olodo, wetin concern yo for dis, yo ve been allowed now yo re lookin for allowance, liv de two birds alone joor nd au do yo no al dis yo de talk. BIG MOUTH

  6. are u afred de father may com 4 the child after de man has spent so much, it wil certainly be painful, devastating & may be killing… may be u should talk 2 ur sister first on way forward; its really not good hiding dis frm the man she asumed 2 to love as a husband

  7. wetin concern u? Ur sister tell u say she no knw? Wen d time is time is due d secret will be exposed. Or weit oo abi u won take her man? Take ur time o no go put san san 4another man garri o bcos garri don dear i hope u knw?

  8. how many month pregnancy are you carrying for your sister husband. HOW i wish i know your sister i will advice her to send you to great beyond why are you a sisters.

  9. Sum of u r jst talkin of secrets and feel u r a tru born agn. If atal d husband hapns 2 find out and der’s a clash, sum of u wud stl blame her 4 nt doin smth abt it.. Tel her smth reasonabl nd aceptable evn in d sight of God. If u wer d man, hw wud u feel. Gud post@jek.. Pls dear, jst pray 2 God

  10. TAATAAFO! Mind ur biznes, or u 1t 2 take ur sista’s husband? I believe u re unemployd, cos an idle mind is d devil’s workshop. GET A LIFE LOOSER!!!

  11. I empatise with you on one hand but on the other would say that you contributed to this. You and your sister need to come up clean and spill the beans. One day the truth must surely come out. Your rother inlaw deserves to know the truth. Since it seems that your sister has given him other children? Think about the enomity of the damage that will evolve if have stumbles into the truth from outside. If he were your own brother how will you feel?

  12. i knw ur tryin 2 b gud,cos d gal might nt knw her real father,bt even if u tell him he’s still hearing it from outside cos u ar nt his wife,so mind ur business,sum secret ar ment 2 b unreaveld

  13. I no u ar tryin 2 b gud bt my advic it is beta 4 ur sister’s husband 2 her it frm d horses mounth. Jst advic u sis and leav d rest 4 God

  14. Wetin be ur own ? Are u sure that u ur self is not a bastard ? If u tell ur sister husband now nd he send ur sister away ,what will u gain ? Amebo mind ur own business oo,nd go nd look for ur husband so that u will be busy doing something better , ,instead thinking of how to ruin ur sister marriage .apuroko ,elejowewe .

  15. u must be a bastard,how does dt affect u,do u want to ruin ur sister’s home or you want to marry her husband,pls be warned,let the sleeping dog lies,okay.

  16. what does not concern you does not concern you, why did u intrested in destroyed ur sister’s happiness… Devil.

  17. Amebo who beg u,home distroyer,bad belle,kpaskelemosque.mind ur bizness husband snatcher,u dy trip 4 ur sis husband.leave dem alone.

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