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Ifa Religion Is Not From Nigerian Forefathers – Ifayemi Elebuibon Under Fire

ifayemi elebuibon

Oct 26, 2013 – Ifa Religion Is Not From Nigerian Forefathers – Ifayemi Elebuibon Under Fire

I certainly respect this man the way he presented his belief. As Muslim, I will not defend a fellow Muslim who indulge in this act. It’s not news today that some Pastors and Imams do this things. However, I must say that Quran does not forbid Muslims from using herbs (ewe, roots, egbogi, and all types of leaves for medical reason) Islam never forbids that so long as we don’t call these recipes God. Quran says that herbs and legitimate Animals for sacrifice are allowed. So if you see a Muslim mixing ewe ejemiroror with epo obo to cure a disease is not illegal. This kind of things are allowed. But to consult oracles, slaughter animal in a way that contradict to Islamic law ( like using teeth to rip off pigeon’s head, slaughtering animal in the name of Ifa or any names other than God etc are haram(not permitted). I hope people understand this. Also we Muslims believe that Babalawo and co may in fact see certain unseen communicated to them thru ifa or other divination. Islam forbids this for a reason. For example, a man goes to soothsayers, Palm readers etc to check something. It is the Jinn that communicate the message to Oracle then Oracle or babalawo recount the msg to his client.

This is how it works. God Almighty does communicate with His Angels to do so and so to a person. Jinn are able to eavesdrop the conversation and communicate it to Babalawo. The reason this is forbidden in islam is Jinn (usually evil ones) got the information illegally while being communicated to Angels by God.

Finally, I respectively disagree with Chief Elebuibon regarding ancestor religion called Ifa. Islam insist that it is the first religion on earth since the time of Adam our forefather(Peace be upon him). But Islam was made permanent to this day by our father Ibrahim(Abraham) peace be upon him (father of faith) and perfected by Muhammad (peace be upon him). None of these holy men practiced Ifa (mushrik). It was their people that deviated from worshipping God to worshipping something else that Satan whispered to them. Yes, I agree with the Chief that if politician dare they should swear with earth. In it we all return one day. Islam only mandate that we should swear by God alone, the Creator and nothing else. This man sounds peaceful.

Ifa was NEVER original or our forefathers’ faith. There is no proof that Adam we all claim as first man on earth worship Ifa nor any prophets after him including Jesus. Chief has to proof this wrong. I dey pity those Muslims who deviated.

[by royc pain]

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1 Comment

  1. Joystick

    December 9, 2013 at 4:56 AM

    Most whites have converted to this peaceful religion

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