How Can I Stop The Habit Of Constant Intimacy With My Brother-In-Law? Please Help

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Feb 5, 2013 – How Can I Stop The Habit Of Constant Intimacy With My Brother-In-Law? Please Help

I have shared this question with several people but I don’t seem to have the right answer. Can you please share this with your people.

I think I have had it enough, and it’s even becoming more habitual as I always have a fast one with him even when my husband is in the house. My fear is that my husband will soon understand the gimmicks, if we continue in the escapade.

I’m very sorry to say this, but I think I’m an addict, as I get to my pick when I cheat on my husband. I also enjoy it more when it’s done swiftly; just that alone satisfies my libido. However, the reason why I’m so attached to this guy is because he is a complete man. No man can do what he does to me; in fact, it’s unspeakable.

When I met my husband 10 years ago, I knew he was my kind of man, as he was able to satisfy me the very night we met. We both met in one of the universities in the North. We got married just 3 years ago and here I’m trying to battle out of some addiction. I know it’s shameful, but it’s really hard for me to fight.

I had vowed never to be callous to him in any way until his younger brother finished his University program and came into our house last year. Two months after he got into that house, the entire story changed. We had our first night when my husband went on an official trip. I can’t give you the details of how it all happened, but it was the most regrettable night, as I regretted my action after then. We both concealed it, and pretended nothing ever happened, but from that moment, and even as my husband returned, he has not been able to satisfy me the way his brother did. This has kept me glued to his brother. Most of the time, I sneak out of bed to the toilet at nigh where we normally meet to do the dirty thing.

I will deliberately wake my husband when he is at the pick of his sleep, informing him that I was going to the toilet. I would always make sure I get back to the room within 5 minutes, but I tell you, I often return satisfied.

I’m gradually losing my joy and dignity as a married woman because of this development. It’s even becoming a daily occurrence, especially now that my shop has been closed permanently due to the ongoing crisis around my area, and I’m always at home with him in the morning. In fact, even as I write this note, I just doubt if we won’t have it the whole of today. I’m really not happy doing this, and I can’t even tell my husband. I know that the very moment he gets hold of the truth, he will throw me out of the house. I won’t tell him, I will protect my marriage. The brother is just so comfortable with what we are doing, as he has never discussed the negative side of our rough game with me. But the problem is that, at the most quiet time, especially when we are alone, and we look at each other, we just can’t stop doing it.

What is the solution please? is my case medical, spiritual or biological? I need your candid advice. I need to find a solution as I cannot continue like this, even as I don’t have a clue.

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31 thoughts on “How Can I Stop The Habit Of Constant Intimacy With My Brother-In-Law? Please Help

  1. Is either u r a cheap dog or u originated from the pit of hell. Gossy hw wicked kind you guys be. God you both r of thesame kind.u are a disgrace

  2. Ur a big shame to womanhood.why ur brother in-law or anyother man.oneday u go carry STD infect ur innocent husband.shame on u ashawo.u need serious delieverance. Repent or u die and rot in hell.i pity ur husband.ur brother in-law have no conscience. Another man shall sleep with his wife many time and his daughters shall be harlots and his son shall be vangbond in future for betraying his brother.shame on u two.woman u deserve 30 stroke of cane .shameless woman.

  3. Go to ur pastor or any man of god for prayer and councilling.and more importantly that boy must go,u may not be able to over come d temptation as long as he is stil there,he is d darknes to ur light,tel ur husband to send him back to his parent or any other relation

  4. Shameless woman,if you must cheat on your husband,why with his brother?

    If your husband is not satisfying you,tell him what you want him to do in bed. Even if he is totally unavailable sexually (due to ill health,long-distance travel,etc ),using a vibrator is better than sleeping with your brother-in-law.

  5. You must summon courage and get yourself out of that hook. Pray and ask God for forgiveness. and abstain from it. tell your brother-inlaw that it is over, ok.

  6. Repent from that act surrender ur life to Jesus a deliverance pastor so that he can deliver u from that demonic activities and sent ur that guy out from that house. Tell ur husband how u want him to sex u and he give it to u. God bless u and good luck.07063047128

  7. u er a disgrace to the holy institution of Marriage and to women as a whole.It appears as if u er a sex hore,everytime u want something between ur legs- foolish and useless woman, why on earth should u love ur brother-in-law, when so many men er out there. I doubt if u er a mother becos u will be very bad example to ur children, u better stop that evil thing dat u er doing and ask God for repentance. Yeh Yeh Woman.

  8. Abomination! This is really shameful. U just need a total deliverance. U will soon meet ur waterloo
    There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. Nemesis will catch up with u if u don’t desist from this shameful act.

  9. U need 2 go 4 concelling from female concellor. U av to be self determined n self controlled in order to abstain from dis act. ”Don’t say YES when U mean to say NO” Try n find sometin to be doing to keep U busy n control ur mind. God bless U.

  10. Hmmm alaini e te lorun obiri,u av brought a vry shameful tin 2 ur family nt only ur broda-law.u av bin playn ds game 2 orda guyz,b4 u got married.pray 2 God to 4gv u

  11. Thank you George and God bless you for your advice. i second your advice. there is no sin God wont forgive, SO FAR you are ready to repent. People, learn how to encourage wrong doers positively. Some of us pointing accusing and condenming fingers are not in any way 100% pure. And you woman, ensure that inlaw leaves that House, if not the demon might come back re-visiting. 1ce shy….?

  12. Try and stop it is 2 bad to hear and make sure u pray hard. as 4 dat of ur husband borther tell ur husband to get him a job believe me if he get a job he will not have time 4 u again.

  13. Many comments has been made but d truth of matter is that u can’t stop what u can not uncover. An adage says d more u cover a sin d more u commit more sin. U said dat u are protecting ur marriage, of a truth u have killed dat marriage. Some said repent and ask God for forgiveness, d question is this. Did u sin against God? No, d bible said dat “he who committeth d sin of adultery, sinneth against his own body” and who is ur body here, ur husband or wife is ur body. So the only way to shamify d devil and to get d greatest deliverance u can ever get is to confess to ur body which is ur husband. Even if he throw u outside, God wil be mercil unto u, he wil give u peace and make everything to work well 4u. Bless u.

  14. That is shameful,u allowed the devil to take over u by lettin the guy slept wt u the first day,u should be ashamed of ur self,assuming ur husband is the one cheatn,u would have sue him to court.

  15. I go wit de pastor not bc its a pastor bt bc dats the only scriptural thing to do.confes to ur husband nd repent,its not easy bt its de truth

  16. Hello, u are in a deep mess. but if u are serious u can deliver urself if only u can just follow these few steps, 1. tell ur husband to find an alternative accomodation for his brother. 2. look for a deliverance ministry and give ur life to GOd, confess to the pastor all that u hv done and give ur life to God (be born again) obviously u do not fear God. 3. Now come to ur husband and confess everything to him and the steps u hv taken and that u are at his mercy (beg for his 4giveness as this is important) convince him that u are now a christian cause u were not previously. 4. get urself busy i.e. a job or open another shop, cause an idle mind is not good. finally, abstain from male friends, porn films, books, etc. that can easily lure u back instead read religious books.

  17. find something doing and leave d house. Stp staying idol u can carry ur kids along 2 ur frends house. Just find a place away frm dat guy.





  19. My dear,telling ur husband is not a bad idea but its not easy coz u will loose ur marriage and both brothers wil reconcile someday. Only u can put an end to it remember if ur husband sleeps wit ur sister u wont like it, make ur bro in-law understand the crime u both re comiting and the result there off,coz dat guy wil neva respect u again ,be wise plz

  20. this is very bad oo, its just like sodium in water. But if u can go to one famous cleric(mallam isah) in the northern part of the country where you said you finished ur universities. U wil c deliverance.

  21. Babe, dont mind all this hypocrites.t U simply choose to express ur self sexually wit the highest bidder.(most endowned).in case ur bros inlaw is not as active anymore than u suppose, feel free to reach me on my mobile: *******. I am the most hyperactive on bed.

  22. Everybody is nt perfect…ma dear i feel ur pain,ur tears n ur fears…d best tin 2 do, is 2 tel ur husband 1st(i knw its nt easy,bt u v 2 try)D deliverance cn cum behind..cs 1day ur broda inlaw il definitely tel ur husband n it il worsen d whole situation

  23. THIS LADY IS ASKING 4 AN ADVICE NOT CONDEMINATION,LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN BE THE FIRST TO CAST THE STONE…..u guys are all blaming her, hw abt her husband broda who is comfortable wit the whole situation,and enjoyin wat rigthfully belongs to his broda,her case might not even be ordinary advice 2 u the lady is to pray forgiveness and seek deliverance, and that stupid inlaw of hers should be sent away from the house if not i dnt tink they will be solution 2 this.

  24. dear all u need is God’s intervention by going to him (God) and ask for forgivness and promise not to do it again, talk with ur in law expalin the consequence of such act & why u both shud put it to an end. advice/request the need for him to live asking him if he will be comfortable if someone does that to his wife and what will be your faith and his before his brother ur husband and most especially before who is the greatest judge. i finally trust God to give u wisdom to handle the issue and with respect to other advices given to by people and may God have mercy on you

  25. Your case is a spiritual one. U need to repent and be prepared for a diliverance ministration. Jesus is what u need to come. U can possess a demon spirit without knowing u have one.

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