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Write For Us And Get Paid Nigeria: How To Write Articles For Nigerian Blogs & Get Paid In Naira Instantly

write for us nigeria get paid naira instantly

  • Nigerian Freelance Writers Jobs & Guide To Writing Articles For Money & Getting Paid In Naira In Nigeria
  • How To Write Articles For Nigerian Blogs & Get Paid In Naira In Nigeria Instantly
  • How To Work Online And Get Paid In Nigeria

Now that content is king, website owners have come to realize that publishing content frequently will lead to better rankings than publishing once in a blue moon and they have no other choice than hiring writers to do the job for them.

Site owners in Nigeria hire and pay writers in order to get search engine rankings in return. The logic about receiving a higher page rank is that Google spider revisits your site every time you publish a new article. And when this continues, it leads to rankings. So, it gets better as you continue to publish frequently.

The number of websites and blogs that hire writers in Nigeria is increasing daily and this is producing more job openings for the potential Nigerian writers. One thing to note is that a writer may be rejected at any time for not delivering the expected quality.

While writing for websites and blogs, there are guiding rules to be followed in order to have all articles accepted at all times. Each website owner underlines his own posting rules and regulations which writers must follow sheepishly.

The following sites have the “Write for us” sections and pay per article received:


Here is the guide to getting paid in Naira in Nigeria:

  1. Visit any one of the listed writing platforms and read the instructions to getting accepted as a writer
  1. Submit the trial posts as instructed
  1. Write with passion and outsource from relevant posts
  1. Read blog posts frequently to improve writing skills
  1. Write engaging and informative content
  1. Become a gold writer with diligence and consistency
  1. Get noticed and get free mentions
  1. Meet up with your turnaround schedules
  1. Perform low competition keyword researches for blogs

Visit any one of the Listed Writing Platforms and Read the Instructions to Get Accepted as a Writer

Do you want to start writing for websites and blogs? Can you create some spare time for writing jobs? Website owners are currently hiring writers who can dedicate to completing writing assignments on time. Thus, there are more than enough writing job openings right now in Nigeria for passionate writers.

If you want to apply as a writer in Nigeria, be ready to visit the listed writing platforms above. Check out the information about the job openings and read down the page to follow the guide sheepishly.

Information about the number of posts to be submitted as trial posts and the word length required are well-spelled out on the site.

The rate of pay per article, mode of payment, and the time of payment are also explained.

Submit the Trial Posts as Instructed

As part of the requirements to start getting paid as a writer, you’ll need to submit a sample post on any topic of your choice. The platforms hire writers in almost all niches and you will not be an exception.

While working on the sample post, be conscious of grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, and all of that. Acceptance will be based on these qualities. Once you’re accepted, you’ll start writing immediately. You’re always sure of getting enough jobs to do.

Sometimes, you may not be contacted once your application is rejected. But in most cases, you’ll be contacted whether you’re being accepted or not.

Write with Passion and Outsource from Relevant Posts

When it comes to delivering the best of write-ups, applying passion into writing is the solution. In order to facilitate the job for yourself, you will have to outsource content from published articles and keep your work 100% unique.

Writing is a difficult task for so many people in Nigeria. Even among the newbie and veteran bloggers in Nigeria, writing has become so daunting and challenging. Most bloggers purchase fresh articles from the content marketplaces and only engage their audience through comments.

Read Blog Posts Frequently to Improve Writing Skills

To improve writing skills, read blog posts frequently in your niche and make sure you leave comments for engagement.

By reading other people’s posts, you’ll learn a lot of writing styles and formats and you can apply all these to practical jobs.

Once you’ve finished reading a blog post, you can simply get connected by leaving an authentic comment fleshing out the main and relevant points from the content you’ve read.

When you continue doing this consistently, you’ll surely be invited to sponsor a post free and you can start receiving invitations to submit guest posts which will either pay you instantly in cash or allow you to link back to your personal blog.

So, you won’t be improving writing skills alone, but will also gain the maximum exposure into the world of blogging which will maximize your earning potentials.

Write Engaging and Informative Content

What do you understand by engaging and informative content? Engaging content is the kind of content that commits the readers to the write-up fully. Readers stay for some quality time when the write-up is captivating.

Informative content is what readers always look for while reading blog posts. So, you’ll do well with your writing job if you can make your write-ups compelling, helpful, and remarkable.

Website owners will decide to increase your pay rate once they can find your work so instrumental to their blogging success. No one will ever want his business to collapse. So, a writer will gain a better reputation in the blogging environment once he can write informative and compelling content.

Since the website owners understand the fact that Google would not read their web content word by word as some people think, but only try to find out if the content is informative, engaging, and compelling using some special algorithms, you’ll be appreciated as a writer if you can try to make all of your write-ups very engaging.

Become a Gold Writer with Diligence and Consistency

Do you really want to become a successful writer? Then you need diligence and consistency. Clients don’t joke with their work so far they wouldn’t ever default in paying. They always love that writers keep to time schedules.

Being consistent in whatever you’re doing always leads to progress, promotion, and overall success.

In each of the writing platforms shortlisted above, you can become a gold writer easily if you’re hardworking and consistent. Gold writers get higher pay rates than other categories of writers.

Get Noticed and Get Free Mentions

If you’re doing all assignments diligently and passionately, it’s very certain that you’ll get free mentions someday.

In most cases, once you get noticed, you may start receiving guest post invitations from pro bloggers. You’ll be getting connected to influencers and they’ll maximize your freelancing exposure for better-earning opportunities.

Meet up with Your Turnaround Schedules

Do you want to continue getting paid as a writer? Then strive to send in all writing assignments on time or meet up with the turnaround schedules.

Clients usually look for other writers once they can’t continue bearing with a writer whose turnaround time is very slow.

Perform Low Competition Keyword Researches for Blogs

As part of the ways to receive higher rankings in search engines, website owners have become much more meticulous about the choice and use of low competition long tail keywords for creating all of their content.

They make use of the numerous keyword and niche research tools to search for keywords. And if you know how to use the keyword research tools as a writer, you can get paid to help blogs choose the right keywords for their content.

To get started today, visit the blogs listed above.

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