Yoruba Movie Gists & Gossips: Nigerian Yoruba Actors And Actress News

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Updated April 10, 2015 – Yoruba Movie Gists & Gossips: Nigerian Yoruba Actors And Actress News

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In this little informational article, I will guide you on how to get the latest news and gist on your favourite Naija movie entertainers.

Though there is nothing called Yoruba-Nollywood but you can differentiate where the stars came from by their names.

e.g Funke Akindele is different from Genevieve Nnaji in terms of her tribe.

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39 thoughts on “Yoruba Movie Gists & Gossips: Nigerian Yoruba Actors And Actress News

  1. Thou.,both are trying their best buh,u cnt compare baba latin with odunlade,(kekere ko ni baba fi n ju omo lo)……

  2. They are all tried their best, but let me assure you that there are discriminate for their role and character. Because you can’t expect Latin to play the role been assigned to Odunlade also vis a vas to Odunlade too. Both are tried their best

  3. Mr. Latin is full time comedian,but odunlade is a jack of all trade,at such,mr latin is better because he is specific.

  4. well, actually, dey r both gud and best, bt i notice dat their is no role u give 2 odunlade dat he won`t do it very well, he is also very good in d aspect of duping ladies and also wheneva he is given d role of true love, he perfomes diz role in a real way and a touching way, more greece to ur elbow and to others coz u r all trying

  5. odulade adekola is d best actor dere is not film dat he can’t art and baba latin is trying, he can do comedy but my best actor is mr odulade adekola (aka) sunday dagboru

  6. Nice comments so far,acting is nt an easy stuff anyway,buh to my optical point of view odunlade is d best now due to d fact dat he has age on his side to do all sort of act,latin cld ave been d best had it been he’s still of dsame age range with odunlade.my own conclusion isss latin was d the best but odunlade is d best meaning they are both good actors

  7. I love ondunlade adekola in the aspect of yoruba folms industry they have don well so much dem be baba ooo

  8. Thanks for your useful services, kindly show me some records for the late Haruna Ishola.
    Thank you in advance.

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