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CBN, Nigerian Federal Government Scams Pt 2 By Gerald

cbn nigerian federal government scams

Nov 11, 2012 – CBN , Nigerian Federal Government Scam Pt 2 By Gerald

Now this is where it gets very interesting… (JUST SEE WHAT EDUCATION CAN DO)

In 2007 the Central Bank of Nigeria chooses to amend its constitution and our legislative arm of the Government and even the president could not understand this plot or they are a part of it… I think i am going to write out the amended act here…

CBN Act, No. 7 cap 1 (1): There is established for Nigeria a body known as the Central Bank of Nigeria (herein after in this Act referred to as “THE BANK” {That is they refer to CBN as “THE BANK”) This is a sneaky way of confusing unaware Nigerians that they are referring to some other banks meanwhile they are referring to the CBN. Now read further.

CBN Act, No. 7 cap 1 (3): In order to facilitate the achievement of its mandate under this act “THE BANK” (CBN) and other financial institutions Act, and in line with the objective of promoting stability and continuity in economic management, “THE BANK” (CBN) SHALL BE AN INDEPENDENT BODY IN THE DISCHARGE OF ITS FUNCTION. {I bet no one reviewed this constitution before approving of it or maybe they didn’t understand what they read or this is another conspiracy… Here CBN just asked that it should be independent of itself… No more a Government body… CBN can only answer to the Presidency and no one else… Not even to the Vice President} Now read the Act 6

CBN Act, No. 7 cap 6 (1): There shall be for “THE BANK” (CBN) a board of directors WHICH SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE POLICY AND GENERAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE AFFAIRS AND BUSINESS OF “THE BANK” (CBN). {Now the CBN just created a Board of Directors (A group of people to supervise the operation of the CBN} now read another sneaky quote.

CBN Act, No. 7 cap 6 (2): The board of Directors shall consist of:

(a) A GOVERNOR WHO SHALL BE THE CHAIRMAN {most people don’t get this part straight- The Governor of CBN is Sanusi Lamido, and the Chairman of the Supervising team shall be the Governor (Sanusi Lamido)… That is: The CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido will be the head of the supervising team, supervising himself… hehehehehehehe) Now read the funniest of the constitution.

CBN Act, No. 7 cap 6 (3): The Board of Director shall be responsible for –

(d) MAKING RECOMMENDATION TO THE PRESIDENT FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS in accordance with section 49 of this Act the provision of the necessary facilities and the rates of remuneration. (This means that Sanusi Lamido also will be the one to appoint an auditor for the president to cross check the affair of the CBN) WTH… (He alone controls the CBN, Supervise it, and yet audit it… I guess he should just be the CEO of CBN) and i can’t believe the legislative signed this amendment {Did Hon Patrick Obahiagbon read this and not understand???} hehehehehe…

Our country is being run by the banks; we should start thinking outside the box… And i must warn Nigerians, please stop watching TV, it’s a complete hoax… The news you hear on TV have been edited and you only hear what the Government wants you to know… The media is a part of the Government and even those multinational companies you know, they run the Government not the president… That is why they keep bringing you all kinds of entertainment like MTN Project fame, Multina dance hall, Soccer, Music Africa, Nigezie, who wants to be a millionaire and all kinds of entertainment to keep your mind busy and away from their business, all because they don’t want you to develop critical thinking skills…. (How do you think the Government sponsors their billion naira elections and campaigns? Of course the banks and multi-national companies support and the devil doesn’t give anything for free)… Who said the Government doesn’t have money to improve our educational system? They don’t want you to go to school so that you stay away from their business… Have you ever checked how much it cost to maintain the prisons in Nigeria…? That money would improve education in Nigeria 6 times over the British standard…

AND FOR THE RECORD, I am a Nigerian by birth and i am a PhD student of London School of Business & Finance, ID Number: LSBFPD – 022371. Anybody can verify my identity, I don’t care who comes after me… Let’s think together and think outside the box, we all need to be informed… Thank you.




  1. Stephen-Aniefiok Ekeng Etim

    November 11, 2012 at 9:12 PM

    This is quite infiorming, we need people like you to educate Nigerians on most of the government policies in order to keep pace with the happenings for proper understanding of the government bearing. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  2. Louis

    November 11, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    This serves as an eye opener. Thank you.

  3. Moore

    November 12, 2012 at 7:31 AM


  4. Olatunji Adeniyi

    November 12, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    You are a man…. Yes a man indeed.

  5. olatunji

    November 12, 2012 at 11:45 AM

    Many Nigerian know the truth, they are just being afraid to speak up. More greese to your elbows. Nice one.

  6. john

    November 12, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Good talk,this is not percular to Nigeria only as it is what is obtainable in the whole world but why our own is different is the hard level of corruption and greed. Monetary bond policy is a mirage to need full eye to see. CBN and NNPC are the most corrupt entity in Nigeria.

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