Tonto Dike and Ini Edo Alleged Lesbianism Scandal

Feb 14, 2011 – Tonto Dike and Ini Edo Alleged Lesbianism Scandal

Ever since this top Nollywood diva, Ini Edo got married to her beau, Philip Ehiagwina, the American  based businessman she snatched from another woman, different tales have been trailing her.

Though that her marriage to Philip is crumbled is yet unconfirmed as it was reported recently that she’s facing a hard time with her marriage from her in-laws due to childlessness, while another report has it that she just got a new wonder-on -wheels from the husband as a gift when she visited him in America a couple of weeks back. Another scandal seems to have emerged and it has to do with the illicit act of woman-to-woman affair popularly called lesbianism.

Also indicated in the unholy act is another controversial actress, Tonto Dike who was said to have both got drunk even to stupor a while ago at a movie location somewhere in the east and engaged in the ungodly act. The report has it that, Ini Edo and Tonto, ever since they spent that night together, have also been seen glued together like the Siamese’s twins at a bar tucked somewhere around Alpha Beach, Lekki/Ajah area of Lagos.

Tonto Dike resides at Abraham Adesanya in Ajah area of Lagos. Nigeriafilms gathered that her excessive drunkenness and reckless lifestyle has earned her a name, Ashayo Actress, in the vicinity where she resides. What a reckless lifestyle!

25 thoughts on “Tonto Dike and Ini Edo Alleged Lesbianism Scandal

  1. I believ despite they are divas, they stil hau their own private lifes’ to live. Abey make dem leav dem alone jooo!

  2. I had this hunch that she was engaged in such an awful act altru her numerous suspicious n disgusting roles in much movies!But i only pray it ain’t the truth..Ini.,!

  3. Na waoo 4 nollywood actress, wat are dia advise 2 d poblic, is’t 2 snatch people’s husband or 2 practise lesbianism?. God av mercy on us.

  4. Ini & Tonto has a name aready, beauty is evrytin bt gud name can tak u 2 anywere, people say Ini Edo is an husband snatcher why Tonto Dike is ashawo. 4 God sake mak dem respect dia culture!!!

  5. well well no comment at all they are both adult and they know what they want despite the fact that they have names doesnt stop them from been who they are they have all they want so pls ppl do not drive medicine for another persons headache one luv all

  6. they are all asshole ,i just belive this nollywood fucking actress will come to an end in this country because they are a disgrace to the society.

  7. Wizard kid u are very stupid, i dnt blame u bcoz of the small change u hv….and as 4 u gurls, i pray God shuld luk tru ur mata.

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