Illuminati Celebrities Members List 2013: List Of Famous Musicians, People Planning New World Order

illuminati celebrities members 2013

Updated January 25, 2013 – Illuminati Celebrities Members List 2013: List Of Famous Musicians, People Planning New World Order

The current members of Illuminati Celebrities 2013 cut across famous individuals of several nations. In addition, they also include a good number of prominent leaders in the technology, finance, and high levels of various governments of the world. It’s difficult to say which country is free of blame or innocent.

Strong evidence even links the Illuminati and some major world events together. Events such as wars between countries, global financial crisis, epidemics just to mention a few.

Here is a list showing some of the Illuminati Celebrities Members in 2013:
They are Aaliyah(now late), Adele Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie, Avril Lavigne, Barack Obama and Beyonce Knowles. Others are Blue Ivy, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley Bono, Britney spears, Cash Money, Celine Dion, Chris Brown, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cypress hill and a host of others. See more list here

It’s worthy to note that top Illuminati celebrities membership positions are often the exclusive preserves of royal bloodlines. People with no royal pedigrees are only accepted to fill ordinary vacant membership positions. The main aim of this dark society is and has always been to create a single global government known as the New World Order that would rule the world.

We now know that top Illuminati celebrities’ membership show that it is only open to people born into one of some 13 powerful families. Some of these families have famous names such as the Kennedy’s, Rothschild’s and a couple of others. The reason for this is that only the highest-ranking members can exert the needed influence behind the scenes of governments and pledge their loyalty to the society.

In addition, Illuminati celebrities’ membership is needed to include only new members who can pledge the needed loyalty and are born into the approved family.
The league of top Illuminati celebrities includes notable power, wealth and success. Some Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of multinational corporations such as Bill Gates of Microsoft and others are considered mid-level members of the organization.

Noteworthy it is to say that CEOs who do not belong to royal bloodlines are recruited and trained from early ages so as to be sure of their dedication to the Illuminati’s ultimate goal of gaining eventual world dominion.

In exchange for loyalty and dedication, Illuminati gives recruited members access to secrets that facilitate their vast accumulation of wealth and the means to attain high leadership positions in major sectors of the economy.

It’s not surprising that many famous people in the world today have their roots embedded in masonry either directly or indirectly. Even some of those laying claims to being anti-Masonic are not left out in the circle of Masons. It is no news that Founders of the United States such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were among members of this secret and powerful society. The establishment of the US as a new nation in charge of the affairs of other nations playing a Big Brother role in world politics has a hidden agenda. Some leaders are definitely playing out the scripts of the Illuminati in their quest for a New World Order— the control of the whole world under one central government.

Research shows that every US president in the past once belonged to the Illuminati and their rise to power could have been possible through Illuminati’s help. Top Illuminati celebrities actually control presidential elections as well as major political parties that were ever ready to play out to the wishes of their benefactors.

Even though the word “Illuminati” literally means “People of Light”, Illuminati celebrities documentary reveals that Illuminati’s power and influence to the practice of black magic and other occult rituals reign supreme among their secret activities. Therefore, it pays to be wise and not fall victim to their deceitful, dark practices.

A world is enough for the wise.

It is highly essential we renew our mind daily with the word of God.

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” – John 17:17 NIV (Visit http:/ for more)

End time is here!

Believers Beware!

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Article updated January 07, 2013.

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  1. the illuminati does not want to decrease population. they dont need to with the amount of drones and nuclar devices they have. they have recently been developing weapons that are not designed for war or protection, only crowd control. the government has top secret programs that can actually manipulate the way a person feels and thinksi would say more but trust me when i say this some things are best left alone… it willl happen and we cant stop it so dont dwell on it or youll have as worse dreams as me.

  2. Thank you Jesus Christ,I have no many words to say only scriptures to explain much.All thatta can say,I am courageous to face the tribulation(Isaiah42:17-20/43:8/Matthew8:12/16:26)I am yours (amen)

  3. when we say SIN,satan in need,when u join illumingti u cannot come back to jesus.when u die ur soul belongs to satan.. who created satan?..GOD…christians we know dat satan is going to be perish judgement day pls becouse of u christ died on the cross take a look how they stoned and nail him cos of u.u want to join horrible beast satan in freaky hell..God loves africans we shouldnt listen to americans God loves u am gone

    • They must be punished they r going to hell .Jesus said i am the way the truth and the life no man commeth to the father but by me.SERVE GOD IN AL THINGS THAT U DO AND GREAT WEALTH AND BLESSINGS WILL FOLLOW U IN ALL UR just 13 years.

  4. Everwhere God RISE a Prophet, that place become more evil if they don’t RECIEVE the Message God sent for them. Like United States America had this great privelage to have William Branham (Promised end-time Elijah in Malachi 4:5+6) a Messanger SENT from God to TAKE ALL peple Back to God’s Word because God CAN NOT JUDGE THE WORLD withOut WARN IT FIRST. And they don’t Take Note on him because he was un-educated. But God’s door of Grace is still open for humble heart who love their Creator and willing to do His Will. Lets pray for those who think this worldly weathly will last ever

  5. I have never seen an Illuminati member coming out and declaring himself or her self in my country.I think those are in the most advanced countries.Here in Uganda,we don’t need Illuminate kind of arrangement.

  6. ~In my own opinion, I think people who are iluminate right now can’t be save even they will repent ‘coz they are already too late. They should first think what they want to do before its too late. Hope they realize that they are wrong even its too late… JESUS give them chance if they repent to you.. :)

  7. you dont have to be an ILLUMINATI to become a multi millionaire you have to have a good and hard work true heart and patience i’m really sure that you have it because you deserve for it “ILLUMINATI?” have three words to define you! “:GO – TO – HELL:”

  8. I see no reason why we should join thus so called Illuminati it’s foolishness. brothers and sisters please forget about this crab and give your life to Christ. so that you may live long

  9. I believe in GOD and the BIBLE .The DEVIL is trying so hard to get ppl to worship him .He is a very smart and sly creature and he will do any thing to let ppl go against GOD .The DEVIL was the creator of music he was also a n angel well known as Lucifer .He wanted to be God and take Gods place so then God banished him from entering Heaven.So he was now roaming the earth with he demons .The lluminatee is a very bad group.LONG STORY SHORT THE DEVIL IS USING MUSIC TO LET PPL FALL INTO HIS TRAP .THE DEVIL CAME TO STEEL TO KILL AND TO DESTROY.

  10. Before its too late..let’s change the way we live
    GOD and s.t.n do exist
    So as heaven and hell do exist
    People should not focus on material things,especially money, for it is the root of evilness. Yes, satan is such a great deceiver..But if we believe and follow God’s will,then we will receive salvation

  11. I’m a believer that God do really exist
    and the wrong one(deceiver) do exist too
    Let’s all change the way we live if we’ll just a believer but not His follower,then you need to think again for your salvation..because were fortunate that we still have time to repent than to regret forever in lake of fire..

  12. I dont actually understand what is wrong with some people in this be part of a group just for the benefit they would get in this world.i feel pitty for them.they should better give themself to God almighty before is too late.

  13. The Bible says we should seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto as.(Mathew 6:33) So why illuminati. Hmm may God have mercy!

  14. I love this society illuminati noni woos wobi €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

  15. jesus christ he is the way brothers & sisters dont focus on free thing , you have to sweat hard for a better life

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