Illuminati Celebrity Members’ Sacrifices And Deaths, Celebrities Hit Lists 2013

illuminati celebrity sacrifices murders

Updated January 23, 2013 – Illuminati Celebrity Members’ Sacrifices And Deaths, Celebrities Hit Lists 2013

In recent times, there have been a whole lot of celebrity deaths, which can be attributed to Illuminati celebrity sacrifices. To advance their careers in the world of entertainment, many celebrity members of Illuminati have made blood sacrifices or haven been killed. By blood sacrifices, I mean there have been Illuminati celebrity members’ sacrifices that entail killings in order to enhance the status of the Illuminati member who carries out such crime. The Illuminati celebrity hit list reveals lost of lives to this secret organization.

Killing of innocent people has become a common Illuminati celebrity members sacrifices. Members often commit this crime in order to become successful in their field of life. Many of these murderers are in politics, music or any other sector that comes with fame, wealth or power.

Believe it or not, there is now a celebrity members list 2013 which captures Illuminati celebrity sacrifices made in recent times by members of the secret society. The Illuminati celebrity hit list features Kanye West and Nas as having used his mom to gain more fame in the music industry.

Jay Z killed his nephew, Queen Latifah – her brother, Jesse Jackson – Martin Luther King Jr Damon Dash- Aaliyah, Lady Gaga using Lina Morgana, Ashton Kutcher – his ex girlfriend, Obama – his grandmother, Lil Wayne – his father and Static Major, Michael Jordon – his father, and others too many to be included here.

Illuminati celebrity deaths on the other hand deal with death of celebrity members of the society. Yes, Illuminati also attacks and kills their own members but it is usually not for rituals or sacrifices (though may sometimes be the case) but because of issues that centre on loyalty or divulgence of closely guarded secrets.

The late Pop Legend Michael Jackson, for example, lost his dear life when he wanted to expose illuminati’s evil ways.
As part of illuminati’s scheme to recruit performers and use them, Michael had been recruited during his early days in the Jackson 5. He was taught their ways. They would use performers to insert subliminal messages into people’s minds. After attaining an enviable position as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson decided to expose his “benefactors”. He knew he could not expose them directly and so had to hidden messages in his album to convey information. “Dangerous” and “Keep the Faith” are some of the tracks Michael used to encourage others who were like him in his struggle to defect from the evil society.

Unfortunately, Illuminati were tipped off and started hunting Michael. They blackmailed and leveled up child molestation charges against him. When that was not enough to bring him down, they became more determined to get rid of him. Unfortunately, security agents and the world couldn’t understand the situation or protect him. Then, using one of their own coins, life was sniffed out of Michael like any of the past Illuminati victims. He eventually died of lethal doses of Propofol, the drug prescribed by Dr Conrad Murray.

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    • HiLucy

      It is true.The elluminati,the freemasons, and the vatican go hand in hand.Thye all stand for a ONE WORLD ORDER.One world leader one religion and anarcy.There is alot of info on the net, where they admit there purpose.Think closely about 9/11,princess Diana.these are just 2 examples.The supreme being thy talk about is (thye dont mention GOD)IS satin.The pope describe himself as holly. My Bible say no 1 human is holy

      I hope thus help a little to help u see there argitacture

      Thys Minnie

      • I cant agree with you more. I watched Gods final call on you tube. It convinced me that the Bible is true every word annd that the prophecies are being fulfilled in our time. Watch it its worth it.

    • Yes, but its Satan I truly hate. These “Illumined Ones” are only being led astray by Satan. They are hugely stupid to follow him, but he is the one who has deceived them. Hate Satan if you want to hate someone. Pray all the time that the Lord will interfere with the Illuminati’s plans every day. Don’t you just love the idea of Satan jumping up and down, infuriated that his plans were somehow fouled up? I do. He’s a total loser. Satan, you are a total loser and I can’t wait to see you burn in hell. Even that won’t cover up your stench, unfortunately.

  1. illuminati is fake there is only one true god and religion which is islam and allah its not illuminati if allah wants someone to die they will illuminati said many times the world will end everyones still alive satan is real but hes a lier he wants you all to go to hell with him hes gonna get you all together as much as he can and than hes gonna say why did you believe me its your fault

    • THe Illuminati is very real. If you are truly a Muslim then you must realize that Satan’s power over this earth is absolute. Even Christians know we don’t get our reward until after the end of the world.

  2. To all those dat believes dat illuminati is real and god isn’t!!! you shud read the book of revelation.. its in the bible, every thing that says in that book is being fulfilled!! nations will rise up against nations, love will turn to hate!! and people will have more desire for the world, which is fame and of course… the root of all evil… money!!!!!

  3. There is no conspiracy. Conspiracy is now reality we are in new world order through computers and social networking everything you do is being monitored and tapped. Your life will be played in front of everyone on judgment day. Emotional slavery conquered, mind control conquered, psychological control conquered physical control still to come. Then full government control and the marking of all physical goods and products. Thus being you. You have already been marked in case of bankruptcy you’re the payment with your packing date posted on your birth certificate, and bar code product number being you social security number. Good luck life is over all world governments are falling apart as we speak this is what was wanted to achieve a plan you call conspiracy. One world government. Your computers and phones are government trackers for all man kind. Every move and every word you speak and or write.

  4. Devil worshippers & people whoever hasn’t accepted Christ will burn from eternity. Evil NEVER wins.

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