Should Nollywood Ban Actress Tonto Dike?

tonto dike in soft porn movieTonto Dike in soft porn movie

Oct 19, 2011 – Should Nollywood Ban Actress Tonto Dike?

African movie industry is becoming controversial especially Nollywood, with movies that show explicit sexual content like “Dirty Secret“.

The other notable industry in Africa is Nollywood which follows closely behind Bollywood. I remember when families could sit down to watch movies together, but now it’s a little uncomfortable watching a sex scene with your parents who came to spend Christmas with you.  You kind of turn your face a way or run to the kitchen to get something you really don’t need.

Talking about “soft porn”, Tonto Dikeh who I actually think is really talented is the center of controversy. Some are calling for her to be banned for acting in some risqué scenes. Some of these movies contain explicit kissing, spitting into each other’s mouth, going nude, exposing boobs etc

On the other hand, she is an actress and perhaps just “doing her job”. But some may ask where do you draw the line?

Tell Us: Should such movies be banned? Should Tonto be banned from Nollywood?