President Jonathan Used His Brother For Aso Rock Ritual – Rumour

president jonathan ritual aso rock

Nov 28, 2012 – President Jonathan Used/Sacrificed His Brother For Aso Rock Ritual – Rumour

Just weeks after the demise of President Jonathan’s brother, Meni, we have received over 20 mails from folks asking us whether the head of state used his brother for Aso Rock Rituals.

To be honest with you guys, doesn’t accept this kind of rumour. It’s a rumour for now because the false news isn’t based on any fact.

Keep in mind that rumours are often spread by folks wanting other peoples’ downfall so don’t join them.

We at NaijaGists only carry confirmed news with evidence from reliable sources.

Again, we know nothing about President Jonathan and Aso rock ritual so we are in no position to tell you whether it’s true or not.

As for now, it still remain a rumour for lack of evidence.