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News of The People Update on Mercy Johnson’s Wedding

August 11th, 2011 – News of The People Update on Mercy Johnson’s Wedding obtained the story from News of the People. Here is what they had to say about her Wedding issue

All seems to be well with the most anticipated Nollywood wedding between star actress Mercy Johnson and Prince Odianosen Henry Okojie until last week when the bubble burst. Information has it that the nuptial has seen Mercy going on a shopping spree at various shops in the United States of America, especially in Maryland for necessities to execute the wedding. And to a large extent the families of W.C.P.O Ametwo Daniel Johnson of Ihima local government of Kogi State and that of Prince Tom Agbeboaye Okojie of Esan North East local Government, Uromi, Edo State have both come together to see that their son and daughter become one in matrimony.

However, News of the People can authoritatively reveal that all these were like a movie and the entire scenario can best be likened to Chinua Achebe’s best seller Things Fall Apart. Indeed, things have fallen apart and centre can no longer hold as the wedding may not hold afterall.

This is because, unknown to Mercy the Prince she was looking forward to walk down the aisle has a wife and two children. He actually contracted a wedding in 2006 with another woman who bore him two lovely kids in Italy.  It was gathered that he had lied to Mercy that what she did with Lovely (the lady she married) was a fake marriage to regularise her immigration status in Italy. Prince Odi equally lied that the lady had only one child not two for him.

Now events have revealed that Prince Odi is a pathological liar and he actually beat Mercy mercilessly to it. Investigation has further revealed that a subsisting divorce case is in Court of law in Nigeria. Therefore, the calculation is that if Mercy who just got wind of the development last Saturday should go ahead with the wedding, she might just be compounding the issue. As at the time of going to the press, a reliable source informed this magazine that Mercy had sent words to her parents to call off the wedding. Can you blame her?

While people are insinuating that it is probably Mercy’s money that Odi is interested in, sources close to Mercy says she is distraught, sad and thinking of next line of action with her life. At the moment, she would like to be left alone, the source informed. Odi’s parents and family members it was learnt are said to be begging Mercy not to call off the wedding while friends and family members kept mute over the matter.

Seyi, one of Mercy’s fans was quick enough to make a comment online on the Mercy Saga. According to the comment ‘Aha, what is all this about his family begging her not to call off the wedding…. are they on cheap alcohol?
The man is a married man…. that’s a no go area…. If laws be laws, Lovely would sue his last ass….
Why get into a life time commitment with such a lousy greedy thief of a man. Agreed lovely you do not need him again mate! Mercy if you want your reputation not to be in taters for ever for technically stealing another woman’s husband as well as being such a stupid idiot for settling for this rubbish of a man who is in no way worth fighting for, you better call off the wedding. You deserve soooooooo much better but all the respect and love you have earned yourself with your hard work would go down the drain in a second if you foolishly marry this miscreant.BE WISE ….At least Mercy has worked hard for her money….Lovely thanks for showing Mercy the light oh!!!’

It would be recalled that invitation cards for the supposed wedding began to hit town last week and was indeed a beauty to behold, as the card was tucked in a portable party bag with Mercy and Odi printed on one side of the flowery pink and blue bag while the other side had boldly printed on it “You are cordially invited”, while the sides of the bag had Mercy and Odi on the top side with “Happy Married Life” on the lower part of the bag side. The card was also accompanied with a bottle of some of the choicest of wines.

When Big Sam media, Mercy’s media consultant was contacted, the response was that they will get back to us on latest development on the matter.

Interesting article from News of the People Magazine Nigeria

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