Illuminati Members In Nigeria

members of illuminati nigeria

August 5, 2012 – Illuminati Members In Nigeria

Guys to set the record straight there are no official list of Illuminati members in Nigeria however, there are names of alleged members of the Illuminati in Nigeria.

List & Names Of Illuminati Members In Nigeria

The alleged members of Illuminati secret cult in Nigeria are:

  1. Charly boy real name Chukwuemeka Oputa
  2. D’banj – alleged grandfather of Illuminati in Nigeria
  3. Davido
  4. Tonto Dike
  5. Wizkid
  6. Goldie Harvey
  7. Peter Okoye
  8. TB Joshua
  9. Late Dagrin – Was killed because he leaked their secret.

Illuminati secret cult was founded in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany by a group of 5 elites. – Read Illuminati Secrets Revealed

Article by Kenny Ojonlo

174 thoughts on “Illuminati Members In Nigeria

  1. naa waa oh sin naa sin i belive say gosipng n iluminati are the same all sin are equal in d presence of the almighty so stop judging one anoda here oh

  2. How do u know wizkid and davido r illuminati……….. Nigerians mehn………I can’t Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ anything that makes them illuminati………just because they r famous musicians doesn’t mean their illuminati…….plss stop jumping into connclusions oooooooooooo……………………what makes them illuminati???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. My fellow and beloved Nigerians,let us now prepare for the coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.I mean run for ur life..decide here u will spend eternity!The only hope is JESUS!!!Eternity means life without end…in HELL with the arc enemy of your soul or in HEAVEN with the lover, carer and shephered of your soul…choose one?Don’t reject JESUS and get your soul lost with the devil forever in Hell with satan arc enemy of God and mankind.May God save and rescue us from the wrath of God to come in Jesus name amen.

  5. Taiwo and his kind need to beware and not to sell your soul to the devil because of wealth.wealth and your soul which is more important?The Holy word of God says what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lost his soul in hell?THIS IS A COSTLY MISTAKE THAT SHOULD NOT BE MADE….NEVER!! FORBID such a mistake in JESUS name.Can you immagine it happening just a few seconds to come! I.e. just imagine the sky open all of a sudden and Jesus appears,will you say you want wealth and all the world reaches?My dear make a wise decision…ok! Jesus loves you..all he needs is to accept him as your lord and saviour.Blood is still gushing from his nailed hands,feet and pierced side for your sake calling for you to accept his free salvation.He commited no offence but he died to save us all.Amen.His hands is still wide open, come now before its too late and avoid that word ‘HAD I KNOW’I was told but I refused to accept him.

  6. Because wizkid don get money cum means say he join illuminati go check naijaloaded u go see 2 much albulm way wizkid don release and davido na through he papa wealth 9 he take make am o make una dey reason and check properly b4 doing anytin

  7. I always believe that oneday God will show us his powers…we need not all this rubbish conversasion lets Us join hands and ask God to intervine,he is the only one that has solution to our problems at this moment!

  8. The founder of Illuminati is not a human but a demon sent from hell,he portrayed himself as a human so he can deceive many.

  9. They are foolish that is why they are selling their soul to the devil .infact they are not too fast that a devil will deserve them with money on this earth and after all they will also go to hell and I pray if they repent ,may Almighty God put them under the serious hell fire Ameee.

  10. eeeeh tb joshua is not a member abi?
    are u blind bats
    what shape is on the microphone that has emanuel tv written on it?
    all these things are happenin under ur nose and u dont even know it

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