Cossy Orjiakor Claims She’s A Born Again Christian

Cossy Orjiakor born again

Sept 10, 2012- Cossy Orjiakor Claims She’s A Born Again Christian

In a recent interview, Cossy Orjiakor popularly known for her indecent dressing habit claims she is a born again Christian with an Anglican background.

In her own words below:

“Prayer is a personal thing with God. I tell God what is on my mind. All have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. I go to church you know; I am a born again Anglican.”

In response to question about her personality and her indecent dressing here is what she said:

“I have bad press publicity about the kind of clothes I wear and all that. There was a time I attended this old school party and I dressed the old school way. The press then wrote that this is how Cossy is, she is looking ugly, and maybe she was on cocaine and all that.

How could I go to an old school party looking new school? That day, I even had nice Brazillian weave-on on and I had to weave it any how so that I will look old school. I think they just like talking about me.”

This woman needs deliverance.