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The Journey Of Life, My Vision, Work & My Woman

Nov 6, 2016 – The Journey Of Life, My Vision, Work & My Woman

The word journey means you are engaging in something with the hope of arriving at your final destination.

Scripturally, God’s original purpose and strategy is to colonize earth with heaven I.e to extend his invincible kingdom to the visible earth.That is why God sent a royal priesthood and a chosen generation like me and you to the planet earth, which settles the argument of whether we were born by experiment or for an assignment.
Thoroughly, you will observe the gap between genesis 2:15( man purpose on earth I.e work and assignment) and Genesis 2:22( process that brings about helper I.e woman).The verse made a clarifications to whether a man should have work before getting a woman for himself, The truth is before God made woman, man is already working i.e dressing the presence of lord and naming divers creatures. If you have no work or assignment as a man then you don’t need help( i.e woman created as helper).
What is Vision
Vision is the preview of your finished future,vision is the view of your end, the picture of passion that possesses you.

It is purpose(work) when you can see it. Vision is God’s greatest gift to man.
The most important commandment to man is work (gen 2:16-20)
Your work is your purpose I.e the essence of your creation for example birds to fly and fish to swim.

You cannot be fired on your work.You only bother to find work because is the source of your vision.

Job is what you are hired to do whereas your work is what you are carrying inside you that you are supposed to manifest for your generation, it is your purpose.

Your job is temporal and that is the reason you can be fired whereas nobody can fired you from yourself because your work reveal who you really are, work is a place you find fulfillment which is more important than woman and Finally your job is the product of planning whereas your work is a purpose that precede planning( Ephesians 2:10).

The challenges we are facing is being trapped in our job and people tagging their jobs their work. Do you ever ask yourself why you look depressed anytime you are back from your job?

It is because you are going to the place that is not meant for you.

Like I said the man was given a work before a woman.

This means you must have work before getting married. God created a helper in woman but for a helper to help, you must be doing something.

Is work that gives you hope, makes you valuable and gives you the necessary significance in life

When a man finds his niche every thing comes alive. It is your work that secure the peace of a woman and makes her fulfilled.

A jobless man create opportunity for a woman to embark on her Personal project.

As a woman you need a man who knows his work, before you can JOURNEY with him in LIFE . It is your vision that gives you the most important meaning to life, it provides security and meaning for the female and family.

You only abuse a woman if you marry her without knowing where you are going. Finding and defining your vision is bringing sanity to your woman (proverb 29:18-19).

Beloved the greatest gift God ever gave man is not gift of sight but of vision, sight is the function of eye but vision is the function of your heart.

Never trust your eyes over your vision.Vision shows you what will be but sight shows you what it is

Always live by what you see with your vision not by your eye (2 Corinthian 5:7).

Your vision is more real than your present reality. Do not trust your eye, you were not created to live by your eye but by vision.

Hope comes from your vision, vision is the source of your confidence(joel 2: 28-29)

My Question For You

Have you started work? Do you just discovered your purpose ,then start talking it, don’t be discouraged.

The difference between what you see and where you are is called planning.

Every vision always has one believer at first. Let people hear your vision and call you crazy, that is an indication that it came from God.

Compiled by Comrade Maxwell Adeyeri.(PM,HSE,EIA,B(Hons).M.PH)
CEO Royal Hint Place
Founder Youth Emancipation For Progress(YEP)
Preacher and Motivations speeker.

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