RMD, Richard Mofe Damijo’s Wife Jumobi Flaunts Breast Tattoo

jumobi mofe damijo breast tattoo

Nov 5, 2012 – RMD, Richard Mofe Damijo’s Wife Jumobi Flaunts Breast Tattoo

Mrs Jumobi Damijo, the wife of former Nollywood actor turned politician, Richard Mofe Damijo(RMD) was spotted on Saturday the 4th of November at Agatha Amata’s birthday party in her smoking hot breast tattoo. www.naijagists.com

The socialite who delighted in her new tattoo was photographed with other Naija Celebs.

It’s quite uncultural for a woman of her caliber however, she has the right to live her life the way she pleases.

Wishing her well.

28 thoughts on “RMD, Richard Mofe Damijo’s Wife Jumobi Flaunts Breast Tattoo

  1. Disgusting,at what age,by d time tatoo is no more in vogue,I wonder what she will do ,is it every fashion a married woman must do,shameless woman.

  2. Wow., Peeps pls kindly free her… though its no longer in vogue & she’s outgrown dat kind of display but obviously, her Hubby likes it & dats all dat matters…

  3. Is this for real? What the hell is wrong with you guys? Its her life! Let her live it. For all i care, she can flaunt her butts, u simply like or go get yours and don’t complain! Pls, moderator, provide us with more better news!

  4. I like RMD so much and cannot imagine he would tolerate such a degrading fashion, I also assumed that Jumobi was a quiet and reserved woman. This is surprising. She should undergo any form of surgery to remove the stuff pls.

  5. well, evry1 has got a right to live it up anyhow it pleases them and esp their husband, if tatoo is RMD’s weakness, please go on girl, its better to satisfy your man than anyone else though it wld have been better where only ur hussy cld see and cherish it

  6. She is free to design herself anyhow she wants ,so I don't understand what the fuss is all about, age has nothing do with tattoos and her

  7. Leave her alone jor, what is shameful about tattoo? What is big about the husband status? People are funny and backward, so cos she is married she no longer deserve to do what suits her, pls face your life and leave Jumobi alone,

  8. wrong, wrong, wrong, altogether nasty for a christain woman of ur caliber
    my dear u have the right to as u wish,but remember u will have to give an account to GOD on jugdemt day bc our bodies are his temple and as such should be respected

  9. Kai.. pple can pocknose. Wonder y pple cnt just mind their own business. They go just turn 2 judges all of a sudden $ they do terribly worst stuffs wch hasn’t come to d open. .u better mind Unna bis..ptchewww

  10. I so much pity some pple who wnt mind their own business.. a ri ti enieleni wi, a fi apaadi bo tie mole. Shio

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