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How To Make Money Writing Articles Online From Home In Nigeria: Getting Paid In Naira To Write Online

how to make money writing articles nigeria

How to Make Money Writing Articles At Home Online in Nigeria: Getting Paid in Naira To Write Articles Online

  • Get Paid To Write Quality Articles At Home In Nigeria

When it comes to making cool and legitimate money online, writing is one of the good ways to achieve this. Becoming a writer does not require special skills or prior knowledge of the internet, but passion.

There are fans out there who are currently earning big-time income in Nigeria freelancing. Do you know you can make N10,000 weekly writing blog posts, content, news and entertainment reports for those website and blog owners who really need them?

In this article, I will analyze how you can start making money as a writer simply by writing for website and blog owners. I will equally recommend a list of the Nigerian blogs that seriously need a team of dedicated writers and pay every weekend straight into their Nigerian bank accounts.

Blog owners know the efficacy of publishing informative and remarkable content and this is why they’re constantly in demand for such content to be published on their blogs in order to build engagement with their readers. Thus, they are always on the lookout for those who can write solid and engaging articles and can craft headlines that will lure readers down the page.

How to Get Paid in Naira Writing Articles

To start getting paid as a writer, you must possess and develop writing skills which I strongly believe you already do. You must be good at creating the kind of helpful and remarkable content that people would love to read over and over again.

Once you start having a good number of visitors, who have constantly been visiting and reading posts on your blogs, Google and other major search engines will begin to notice your site and you’ll start improving your search engine rankings.

You must also be good at using the integrated keyword and niche research tools to create content on your blog and must understand SEO well in order to build your site properly. You must understand that you need to do research and choose the low competition keywords to create your SEO articles.

The basic parameters for choosing the low competition keywords are the:

  • Quoted Search Results (QSR) or competition
  • Average Searches
  • Monthly Traffic
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Article Power, and others.

Through the keyword research tool, you’ll never need to get bothered about how you are going to be choosing the topics to write about. You’ll do topic brainstorming and keyword-optimized topics will be suggested and produced for you in seconds.

According to the knowledge I acquired from the online entrepreneur certification courses, SEO signifies frequently creating keyword-optimized and keyword-rich content which helps Google spider understands the content fast and rank it in accordance to search algorithms.

Requirements for Making Money Writing Articles Online in Nigeria

  • A laptop computer
  • Internet facility
  • A personal bank account

A Laptop Computer: You need to own or rent a laptop computer to start an internet business and you must be ready to increase your typing speed. If you have a high typing speed, you’ll be able to complete as many assignments as possible daily.

Internet Facility: Where there is no Wi-Fi connection, you may need a dial-up connection, or perhaps, buy an internet modem through which you’ll be connecting your computer device to the internet whenever you want to browse.

A Personal Bank Account: If you have a Nigerian bank account, you’re eligible to get paid in naira writing from any location you’re in Nigeria. Some of these platforms pay bi-weekly or weekly and you’ll receive payments directly into your bank account.

The Top Nigerian Blogs that Pay You to Write Articles

Here are the top Nigerian sites that pay writers to write articles for them:


This is one of the most active Nigerian blogs that hire dedicated writers and pay them on Fridays. There is no limit to the number of articles a writer can submit per week and there is no limitation to how much a writer can earn weekly. Once you are dedicated and can add much energy to your daily assignments, you can earn more than N75,000 monthly writing articles.

To get accepted as a writer, you must write a 600-word article for the team to assess. Once the assessment has been done, you’ll be contacted as to whether you’ve been accepted or rejected.

The pay per article on this blog is N500 and a writer can earn much more after becoming a gold writer. It was published sometimes ago on this blog that you’ll become a gold writer once you’ve written your first 100 articles.

The goal of this team is to eradicate unemployment among Nigerian youths.

This is a Nigerian freelancing blog that is currently hiring writers to write engaging and informative articles. You can receive up N500 per article and may get much more than this on special assignments.

The platform has been set up to get rid of poverty and unemployment among the Nigerian graduates. How I wish the government could set up platforms like these to help the Nigerian youths get something doing and get rid of poverty.

Writers are allowed to choose a favorite niche on which topics will be sent from time to time. The blog also has the news platform on which news reports are published every day. So, if you’re passionate about writing news reports, you have unlimited opportunities to earn cool and consistent income writing for this platform.

It’s a Nigerian freelance writing blog owned and managed by the owners of It’s set up for the same purpose which is to eradicate miserable living in Nigeria, get job openings for the potential Nigerian writers as well as to build up a greater tomorrow for Nigeria.

To start making money as a writer or news reporter, you need to write a blog post of length 600 words to the team via is set up to hire more writers who are passionate about writing on any niche of their choice.

It’s required to submit a trial post to the team prior to getting approved as a writer. The blog is currently hiring writers who can write a minimum of 10 articles in a week to earn a minimum of N5000 per week.

On, you can get paid in naira to write articles in any topic you’re passionate about from personal relationship to business, economy, news reports, entertainment reports, social media, SEO, and others.

This is another awesome blog which pays writers to write articles. The pay rate is N500 per article and payment is disbursed to all writers every Friday. Once you have earned a minimum of N5000, you can request a payout.

A trial post is also required to be written and submitted in order to become eligible as a writer. is one of the best news blogs in Nigeria and is currently hiring news reporters to write the latest news and entertainment reports.

The team pays N500 per news/entertainment report of 1000 words in lengths and has a plagiarism checking tool that detects whether your work is unique or duplicate.


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