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How To Start Baby Diapers Selling Business In Nigeria (2019 New Guide)

how to start baby diapers selling business nigeria

As the world has greatly developed in terms of technology, a lot of information can now be outsourced online and almost everything we do in life has been covered online. So, access to the internet will determine every individual’s exposure to information and opportunities.

Earning cool and legitimate income online becomes as simple as A-B-C because the exposure is there for everybody to leverage. For instance, once this article gets published on the web, it becomes a source of information for anyone wishing to start a baby diaper business. And the same applies to every other entrepreneurial business in the offline and online world.

To really make the most out of this business or from any other business out there, three things are basically needed:

  • The start-up funds
  • The right idea of what to sell
  • The product knowledge

One of the wisest steps to take when planning to venture into an entrepreneurial business is to seek specialist advice from the right people. Meeting with the people in business will bring about the details and the right knowledge to operate successfully.

And aside from that, the right product must be chosen. If the product to sell is wrongly chosen, then there will be a serious problem in the long-run.

Because of situations like that, a number of tips showing how a baby diapers business can be run in Nigeria are highly recommended in this article and the way to go about every other step will be talked about.

Why You Must Start Selling Baby Diapers in Nigeria

  1. The market for baby diapers is highly demanding: The market is always flooded by those who want to buy diapers for their newly-born and growing babies. There is an earning opportunity in selling this product in as much as the diapers are disposed after every use.
  2. The business does not require high capital: The business of selling baby diapers in Nigeria doesn’t require heavy funds as the product comes in different categories. Some categories sell for N1200 per pack while others may sell for N2000 per pack. So, the class of a nursing mother may always determine what to buy and this will, of course, give an opportunity for a small scale entrepreneur to venture into this business.
  3. Market is readily available for the product everywhere in Nigeria: For anyone that is willing to start this business, there is no need to spend extra money advertising by way of printing flyers, banners, pasting posters and going on air since the potential buyers are all over the places to patronize you all the time.
  4. Nursing mothers look for the quality categories for their babies: Because it’s well-known by nursing mothers that some people sell fake diapers which may lead to some bad effects on the baby’s body condition. These people know who is selling the right product and who is not and will continue to patronize such sellers.

How to Start Making Money from the Baby Diapers Selling Business in Nigeria

Because of the high demands for baby diapers everywhere, the business becomes a lucrative one among others in Nigeria.

  1. Decide on the category of customers
  2. Import this product to Nigeria
  3. Find out which of the producers is/are willing to supply diapers at an affordable price
  4. Choose the most selling brands
  5. Implement the most working marketing strategies
  6. Keep long in the business and make the most

Decide on the Category of Customers

Your customer base will only be determined by the categories of diapers you sell to the people. Your customers will stick to the product you are selling once it favors their calibers.

People know where to go when it is time to buy diapers for their kids. The people who sell out the low quality categories of diapers are meant for the low caliber of people.

While some mothers will be looking for the most expensive diapers as they would consider these to be of the highest quality, other people will always be looking for the cheapest categories as they would believe in getting just something to be used to tidy up their babies after pooping.

Import the Product to Nigeria

This is the best way to make the most out of this business in Nigeria. Importing the products into Nigeria will ensure that you buy at the cheapest possible price and you will sell at the cheapest possible cost price in the market which will eventually drive most of the potential customers to you.

Most manufacturing companies in China and in other countries where baby diapers are produced are out there to even offer you low rates for the shipping costs while some of them will give you free shipping based on circumstances attached.

Find Out which of the Producers is/are willing to supply baby diapers at an affordable price

Despite the fact that prices are cheaper when this product is imported, yet the different manufacturers give the different prices. This simply means that you’ll have to choose the ones that will be supplying to you at the cheapest price. A thorough market research will give you the right insight and findings.

Choose the Most Selling Brands

Brands that sell most in the market should be carefully studied. And once you’ve made your findings, you should consider selling it no matter what the cost might be.

As said earlier, one of the determinants of success in business is getting the right product to sell. Building customer relationship will also back it up.

Implement the Most Working Marketing Strategies

You just need to grab other people’s ideas and check the strengths and weaknesses compared to what you already know about the business. Implementing the working strategy will surely take your business to the next level.

Keep Long in the Business and Make the Most

The longer you stay in business, the deeper your marketing experience, the higher your potentials to make money and the earlier your success in the business!

As you count years in business, you’ll be getting more exposure to every possible means by which you can make the most from this business.


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