How To Become a Nollywood / Nigerian Movie Star


Oct 29, 2011 – Thanks for visiting today.

I’m here to share with you some quick step on launching your acting career in the Nigerian Movie Industry otherwise named Nollywood.

To become a nollywood movie star is not a chance of luck or game, you must work hard for it. Besides working hard, you need to have what it takes to also.

Below are some quick tips to becoming a Nollywood star

How To Becoming a Nollywood /  Nigerian Movie Star

1) Read biographies of top nollywood stars

This step is very important for motivation. Read (Ini Edo’s Biography, Mercy Johnson Biography)

2) Ensure you have what it takes.

This is highly essential to your success, if you don’t have good acting skill and you’re trying to enter the movie industry, you chances of success are very slim.

Now that you have decided you’ve got what it takes,  the next step is to attend auditions

3) Attend Acting Auditions

There are popular acting auditions here and there in Nigeria and is the first place to see them, so ensure you Read Latest Auditions in Nigeria in order to be on top of the latest auditions in Nigeria

4) Go to movie acting schools

This step is not that essential but it will definitely help.

Wale Adenuga Film Institute called PEFTI will help, visit them at

Most top movie marketers and producers in Nigeria today do have their own movie acting school e.g Wemimo film production has an acting class in Ibadan and most of his student features in his movies and that is how they get to the top.

With all of the above tips in mind, remember persistence is the key to success here.

Keep in mind that winners never quit while quitters never win.

Be persistent, you will make it at last.

Thank you. senior editor